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Vice –– Cheney of fools.
Holmes and Watson –– Know shit Sherlock.
Stan & Ollie –– Hell & Hardy.
Destroyer –– Of brain cells.
On the Basis of Sex –– Blabby Ruth.
Aurora –– Bore all us.
Take Point –– Point not well taken.
Kill Mobile –– Phones it in.

Mary Poppins Returns –– Hootin’ nanny.
Aquaman –– Sea minus.
Bumblebee –– Bot hurt.
Welcome to Marwen –– Geez and dolls.
Cold War –– Red meet.
Second Act –– The curtain calls.
They Shall Not Grow Old –– Wars and all.
Zero –– 0.
Delaware Shore –– Dull aware, sure.
Fourth Quarter –– Flagrant foul.
Swing Kids –– Basement taps.
American Renegades –– SEALS and offed.
The Last Resort –– Miami reheat.
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse –– Barmy surplus.
The Mule –– Bust a mover.
Mortal Engines –– Motor city.
The House That Jack Built –– Killing flaw.
If Beale Street Could Talk –– Harlem snuffle.
Once Upon a Deadpool –– Fairly stale.
Capernaum –– Urchin of doom.
Bird Box –– Turd eye blind.
The Second Time Around –– Oldie horny.
The Quake –– Shake down.
Heading Home: The Tale of Team Israel –– Jews, the scenery.
Backtrace –– Needs bacitracin.
Beyond White Space –– A black hole.
Martyr –– Hoary.
Antidote –– Cured ham?
Mary Queen of Scots –– Scots on the rocks.
Vox Lux –– Pox schmux.
Ben is Back –– High scion.
The Charmer –– Coax fiend.
Tyrel –– Black and white gucky.
Swimming with Men –– Butterfly kitsch.
Dumplin’ –– Choose the fat.
Back Roads –– One hoarse town.
Amazing Grace –– Bonne Franklin.
Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes –– Fox and the hound.
Great Great Great –– Grate grate grate.
Central Park –– City slackers.
Anna and the Apocalypse –– Corpse correction.
Elliot The Littlest Reindeer –– Hoof limits.
The Possession of Hannah Grace –– Holey Hannah.
Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle –– The jungle schnook.
Sicilian Ghost Story –– Pasta way.
Never Look Away –– Stare case.
Blood Brother –– Relative minimum.
Tiger –– Worried Sikh.
Dead in a Week (or Your Money Back) –– Hit bottom.
Meow Wolf: Origin Story –– Santa fey.
Head Full of Honey –– Oozy goosey.
People’s Republic of Desire –– Found wanting.
DriverX –– Uber and out.
Bathtubs Over Broadway –– Soak suds.
Ghostbox Cowboy –– Slow bloat to China.
The Man Who Mends Women –– Nobel lineage.
Ulam: Main Dish –– Comida of errors.
Kinshasa Makambo –– Anything that Congo wrong…
Ralph Breaks the Internet –– Ralph nadir.
Roma –– Domestic disturbance.
Creed II –– Idiot boxes.
Robin Hood –– Fallen archers.
The Favourite –– Flushing Queen’s.
Shoplifters –– Pinch haters.
The World Before Your Feet –– Wanderbust.
Becoming Astrid –– Pippi chick.
The Great Buddha+ –– Shake your Buddha.
Write When You Get Work –– Dates badly.
Invisible Hands –– Toil story.
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald –– Rowling in d’oh!
Widows –– Pique.
Green Book –– Tour loose.
At Eternity’s Gate –– Vincent Van Guck.
Instant Family –– Add water and slur.
The Clovenhitch Killer –– If schnooks could kill.
Jonathan –– Twin gits.
Jinn –– Runny.
Welcome Home –– Howdy doody.
The Last Race –– Lap dog.
55 Steps –– Psych wart.
Under the Wire –– In Homs way.
Mobile Homes –– Rip van wankle.
Anchor and Hope –– Canal puss.
Of Fathers and Sons –– Lemon ISIS.
Heart, Baby! –– That beats all.
Texas Cotton –– A touch of weevil.
The Gilligan Manifesto –– Minnowmal.
Speed Kills –– Man over-broad.
The Girl in the Spider’s Web –– Lisbeth slander.
The Grinch –– Seussy and the bad sheesh!
Overlord –– Overboard.
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs –– Gut Buster.
The Front Runner –– Hartbreaking.
Outlaw King –– Robert, the bruise.
El Angel –– Angel douched.
In a Relationship –– Off the hook-up.
The New Romantic –– Lovers leak.
The Divide –– Split definitive.
Postcards from London –– The burden of poof.
The Long Dumb Road –– Know-how no way.
Lez Bomb –– Lez and less.
Liz and the Blue Bird –– Of crappiness.
Chef Flynn –– Child’s plate.
Here and Now –– Now and dense.
The Delinquent Season –– Irish risky.
Narcissister Organ Player –– Organ: stop!
River Runs Red –– Red River foully.

Bohemian Rhapsody –– Mercury retrograde.
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms –– Four flusher.
Nobody’s Fool –– Everybody’s.
Boy Erased –– Rub out.
A Private War –– Reporter problem.
The Other Side of the Wind –– Welles runs dry.
Bodied –– Bobble rap.
Prospect –– Deposit slip.
Possum –– Plays dead.
Number 37 –– Drear Window.
Unlovable –– Abombinable.
Maria Callas –– Eager diva.
Searching for Ingmar Bergman –– Ultra Swede.
The Grief of Others –– Lower tears.
Time Trap –– Tee-hee Time.
In Harm’s Way –– Endangered feces.
Welcome to Mercy –– Mercy gray.
Rampant –– All over.
Distant Constellation –– Tracks star.
The Panama Papers –– Offshore killing.
In Search of Greatness –– And finding this.
Daughters of the Sexual Revolution –– Dallas cows girls.
Classic Halloween Films: The Phantom Minus
Classic Halloween Films: Slash and Burn

Johnny English Strikes Again –– Johnny rotten.
Hunter Killer –– Sub mission.
Indivisible –– Split.
Suspiria –– Hexcrement.
Silencio –– Quiet riot.
Burning –– Bushed.
London Fields –– Amis piggy.
The Dark –– Dimmer. Switch.
Border –– Not edgy enough.
Air Strike –– Bombs.
Monrovia, Indiana –– Hoosier Daddy?
Bullitt County –– Stock still.
Dovlatov –– Fool's Russian.
The Long Shadow –– Burnt umbra.
Viper Club –– Fang fiction.
1985 –– The blue and the gay.
Been So Long –– Sooo long!
Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain –– Spits the Bitcoin.
Weed the People –– Weed out.
Don’t Go –– Excellent advice.
Halloween –– Cut!
Wildfire –– Flamebrained.
Can You Ever Forgive Me? –– Not for this.
Mid90s –– Cheap skate.
The Guilty –– Goon Danish.
What They Had –– Pray it’s not contagious.
An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn –– Luffless.
Galveston – Tex messages.
On Her Shoulders –– Like dandruff.
The Price of Everything –– Bargain up the wrong tree.
Sharkwater Extinction –– Finning punishment.
The Legend of Hallowaiian –– Halloha.
Caniba –– Man eater.
Zoe and the Astronaut –– She survives reentry.
Reach –– Around.
The Waldheim Waltz –– Kurt response.
Travel Ban: Make America Laugh Again –– Middle Eastern descent.
Change in the Air –– Flip a coin.
TVTV: Video Revolutionaries –– Ass see TV.
Nigerian Prince –– Scammer time.
Brewmaster –– Heady.
Fail State –– Student debt beats.
High Voltage –– Doesn’t move the needle.
The Advocates –– Streets weeper.
Transformer –– Megatranq.
Late Life: The Chien-Ming Wang Story –– Sorry Wang number.
The Lost Village –– Greenwich mean time.
Horn from the Heart: The Paul Butterfield Story –– Blues hound.
First Man –– One small schlep.
Bad Times at the El Royale –– Royale: flush.
The Happy Prince –– Wilde: abandon.
Beautiful Boy –– A hot meth.
Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween –– Flesh hambone.
22 July –– Norway out.
The Oath –– Swears down.
After Everything –– Nothing doing.
Gosnell: The Trial Of America’s Biggest Serial Killer –– Fatal detraction.
Look Away –– That’s easy.
I Still See You –– Take a dim view.
B&B –– Bed and Breakface.
Liyana –– Swazimodo.
Stella’s Last Weekend –– Stella feign.
Bigger –– Weider whacker.
Over the Limit –– Routine dud work.
All Square –– Even skeevin’.
Kinky –– Stinky.
Sadie –– Batty girl.
Better Start Running –– Doesn’t have legs.
Bikini Moon –– Cheeky.
A Star is Born –– Rotten in the stars.
Venom –– Boxoffice poison.
Shine –– Corn salsa.
The Hate U Give –– This deserves.
Loving Pablo –– Narco peptic.
Private Life –– Goose eggs.
Await Further Instructions –– Shit tight.
Studio 54 –– Disco bawl.
Heavy Trip –– Tail finns.
Viking Destiny (Of Gods and Warriors) –– You’ll need Vikedon.
A Crooked Somebody –– A straight nobody.
Knuckleball –– Knucklehead.
The Great Buster –– Weak as a Keaton.
Moynihan –– Daniel and the lyin’.
The Church –– Pew research.
Morning, Noon & Night –– All day suckers.
Longing –– Yearn test.
Living in the Future’s Past –– Too big for its Bridges.
The Ride –– Uber and under.
Bill Coors: The Will to Live –– Coors slight.
Bayou Caviar –– Skid roe.
Trouble –– Not worth yours.
Chasing the Blues –- Down. Beat.
Night School –– Class clowns.
Smallfoot –– Flaw and yeti.
The Old Man and the Gun –– Pop’s off.
Hell Fest –– Get nowhere Fest.
Black ’47 –– Irish stewed.
Free Solo –– Not worth ascent.
Summer ’03 –– Lazy, hazy, crazy.
Matangi/Maya/M.I.A. –– Messing In Action.
The Padre –– Like Father, like scum.
Little Women –– Tween piques.
All About Nina –– Whiner take all.
The Healer –– Down at the heals.
Bad Reputation –– Jett pack.
Domain –– Kid ’n’ plague.
Scaffolding –– Tetch support.
3 Years in Pakistan –– Hard cell.
At First Light –– Twinkle belle.
Conny Plank: the Potential of Noise –– Noise some.
Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution –– Punky chicken.
Golden Job –– Shower variety.
The Sisters Brothers –– Sib zero.
Fahrenheit 11/9 –– Should get out Moore.
The House With a Clock in the Wall –– Tick bites.
Life Itself –– Isn’t this depressing.
Assassination Nation –– Pouter keg.
Colette –– Bile Époque.
Tea With the Dames –– Caddy rumpus.
Love, Gilda –– Blah blah, wah-wah.
Little Italy –– Paisan pill.
Garry Winogrand: All Things Are Photographable –– Doesn’t click.
The Last Suit –– Ill-fitting.
Quincy –– Mash.
A Happening of Monumental Proportions –– Tiny, fey.
The Song of Sway Lake –– Sway down yonder.
Beyond the Sky –– Empty space.
Goyo –– Oh boy-o.
Intelligent Lives –– Disable-buddied.
My Son –– Where the Son don’t shine.
The Predator –– Hunter dog.
White Boy Rick –– Snow shuffle.
A Simple Favor –– Doo unto other.
Slice –– Pizza shit.
Mandy –– Cage free chokin'.
Lizzie –– Axe body spray.
Bel Canto –– Ham solo.
The Land of Steady Habits –– CT scan.
Unbroken: Path to Redemption –– Saint Louis.
Patient Zero –– Avoid like the plague.
I Think We’re Alone Now –– In this theatre.
Don’t Leave Home –– Shut-in impact.
Science Fair –– Geeky leaks.
A Boy. A Girl. A Dream –– A joke.
The Dawn Wall –– Yosemite sham.
Final Score –– Net loss.
Rodents of Unusual Size –– Danger mouse.
Hale County This Morning, The Evening –– Hale and farewell.
The Toy Box –– Played out.
Lost Child –– Bully the kid.
MDMA –– Echhstasy.
The Nun –– Nun toxic.
Peppermint –– Patly.
God Bless the Broken Road –– Smart cracks.
I Am Not a Witch –– Odd spell.
Cold Skin –– Gilly pleasure.
Hal –– On Ashby of history.
Five Fingers for Marseilles –– Five Fingers: discount
Kusama: Infinity –– Art duck.
Bisbee ’17 –– Miner irritation.
The Apparition –– Visitation rites.
Mara –– thon.
The Favorite –– Of nobody.
Great Great Great –– Grate.
Lost Fare –– Meter maids.
Age of Summer –– June bugs.
Alright Now –– It’s over.
Nelly –– All-out whore.
Susanne Bartsch: On Top –– Bartsch job.
Bleeding Blue –– Good cop, better cop.
Operation Finale –– Gloss finish.
Kin –– Dread.
Destination Wedding –– Shame-sex union.
The Little Stranger –– House crawls.
Let the Corpses Tan –– Sunny oh no!
Active Measures –– Moscow rule.
Pick of the Litter –– Pup tense.
Blood Feast –– Banquet hell.
Reprisal –– Get back.
Boarding School –– Prep squat.
The Man From Mo’Wax –– In his ear.
A Paris Education –– Lycée fair.
Inventing Tomorrow –– Bum tinker.
An Actor Prepares –– To flop.
Cynthia –– Nix one.
The Elephant and the Butterfly –– Father time.
Chasing the Win –– Trainer wreck.
S.M.A.R.T. Chase –– S.T.U.P.I.D. face.
Prototype –– 3D classless.
The Happytime Murders –– Dummy bullets.
Papillon –– Flee flicker.
Searching –– Search me.
A.X.L. –– Fell.
The Bookshop –– Title wave.
What Keeps You Alive –– Deadening.
The Night is Short, Walk On Girl –– Roam wasn’t built in a day.
Support the Girls –– Bra exam.
The Wild Boys –– Too tame loser.
Beautifully Broken –– Release the crackin’.
The Oslo Diaries –– Black-eyed peace.
Arizona – lAZy.
Last Curtain Call –– Bow woe.
John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection –– Court napping.
An L.A. Minute –– Too long.
Crazy Rich Asians –– Yuan aiee!
The Wife –– Herrific.
Mile 22 –– 35.4 kill-o-meters.
Blaze –– Burnout.
Alpha –– Badder crapper.
The Little Mermaid –– Sea-minus.
Billionaire Boys Club –– For richer, poorer.
Juliet, Naked –– Puts something on.
Down a Dark Hall –– Stumbles.
We the Animals –– Pup tense.
Running for Grace –– Poi meets world.
Minding the Gap –– Cheap skates.
Breaking & Exiting –– Blew steal.
Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich –– Reich amateurs.
Songwriter –– Sheeran stupidity.
Memoir of a War –– Marguerite duress.
The Ranger –– Park it.
Alt-Right: Age of Rage –– Not alt-right.
Dr. Brinks & Dr. Brinks –– Brinks of disaster.
A Whale of a Tale –– Too big for it's breaches.
Notes on an Appearance –– Sour Notes.
Benched –– Bench depressed.
BlacKkKlansman –– Hoodwanked.
The Meg –– Shark weak.
Slender Man –– Skin and bones.
Dog Days –– Ruff patch.
A Prayer Before Dawn –– Kneel Dawn.
Summer of ’84 –– Sticky figures.
BuyBust –– Opportunity narcs.
Madeline’s Madeline –– Madeline con.
Skate Kitchen –– Board out of my mind.
Church & State –– Utah jizz.
The Island –– The hateful ait.
Along Came the Devil –– Possession is 9/10 of the bore.
Making a Killing –– Bury gory.
Hope Springs Eternal –– Cheery bomb.
Elizabeth Harvest –– Reaps what is so-so.
The Spy Who Dumped Me –– Postoperative.
Christopher Robin –– Tigger warning.
The Darkest Minds –– They’re switched off.
Death of a Nation –– John fill-up D’Souza.
The Miseducation of Cameron Post –– Post-waste.
Never Goin’ Back –– Keep your distance.
Nico, 1988 –– Cherchez la phlegm.
Night Comes On –– Po dark.
No Date, No Signature –– Forensic fies.
Gavagai –– Norwegian wooden.
Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days –– Pee diety.
The Forest of the Lost Souls –– Leaves of grasp.
Revengeance –– Strike farce.
Mulk –– Not smash.
Milla –– Seconds.
Mission: Impossible - Fallout –– Cruise and unusual punishment.
Teen Titans Go! To the Movies –– Go on the movies.
Puzzle –– Jig sore.
Hot Summer Nights –– Sticky.
Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood –– Scotty pimpin’.
The Captain –– An aye for an aye.
Good Manners –– Well, excuuuse me.
Our House –– Threshold of pain.
Dead Night –– Slog cabin.
The Road to Edmond –– OK stupid.
The Bleeding Edge –– Spotty treatment.
14 Cameras –– Kitsch cam.
Scarred Hearts –– Pulmonary infraction.
Cocote –– Nuts.
93Queen –– EMTedium.
Citizen Clark…A Life of Principle –– Clark fable.
Winning Formula –– Play fast and lose.
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again –– ABBA cadaver.
Equalizer 2 –– Even so-so.
Unfriended: Dark Web –– Webitard.
Blindspotting –– Oakland faders.
McQueen –– Gowned offensive.
Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms –– This bud’s for you.
Generation Wealth –– Rich bitch.
The Third Murder –– Guilt-edged.
Occupation –– Hump invasion.
Pin Cushion –– Pans and needles.
Far From the Tree –– Parental deception is advised.
Damascus Cover –– Mos’ odd.
King Cohen: The Wild World of Filmmaker Larry Cohen –– Snow Cohen.
Larger Than Life: The Kevin Auction Story –– Makeup game.
Broken Star –– Clash act.



Best Picture Nominees:

Call Me By Your Name –– The male gays.
Darkest Hour –– Churchill downs.
Dunkirk –– Bombs a ways.
Get Out –– Black bolt.
Lady Bird –– Snowed Bird.
Phantom Thread –– Sew-sew.
The Post –– Post waste.
The Shape of Water –– Sop story.
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri –– Ebbing away.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation –– Skeleton cruise.
Skyscraper –– Going down.
Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot –– Lame cartoons.
Eighth Grade –– Tweenie roast.
Shock and Awe –– Schlock and snore.
What Will People Say –– ‘Don’t see it.’
Siberia –– Fools Russia in.
The Night Eats the World –– Midnight snack.
The Devil’s Doorway –– Door #2.
Holy Hell –– Heck work.
To Hell and Back –– Damned if you’re doo.
Gaughin: Voyage to Tahiti –– The Accidental Fauvist.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream –– Hacky Puck.
A Swingers Weekend –– Bonkers.
Poor Boy –– Strapped for cachet.
Dark Money –– Campaign finance deformed.
Davi’s Way –– Flunk Sinatra.
Paths of Blood –– Jihadi day’s night.
Angels on Tap –– Halo stop.
Ant-Man and the Wasp –– Insect asides.
The First Purge –– Slimin' pure.
Sorry to Bother You –– Forgive and forget.
Bleeding Steel –– Leave to Chan’s.
Whitney – Usin’.
Under the Tree –– Like root canal.
Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda –– Da’ Coda fanning.
The Lighthouse –– Sea sore.
Sicario: Day of the Soldado –– Drag cartel.
Uncle Drew –– A blank.
Ideal Home –– With gay. Abandon.
Leave No Trace –– Doesn’t.
Dark River –– Ninny dip.
Three Identical Strangers –– Triple hammy.
This is Congo –– That is wrongo.
Woman Walks Ahead –– Squaw none.
Custody –– Custardy.
The Cakemaker –– Doughy.
Summer of ’67 –– Hippie dippie. Shake.
The Domestics –– Survival of the skittish.
Black Water –– Brackish.
Hover –– Craftless.
Love, Cecil –– Beaton off.
Winter Brothers –– Chalky.
Game Changers –– Quiz noes.
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom –– Saur loser.
Damsel –– Distressing.
Izzy Get the F*ck Across Town –– Mess transit.
Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts –– Assault mined.
The King –– The royal wee-wee.
The Catcher Was a Spy –– The pitcher was a guy.
Boundaries –– Fall line.
Incident in a Ghost Land –– Lack eerie.
Never Steady, Never Still –– Ratty Steady go.
Brothers of the Wind –– Wind á loo.
Spiral –– Death Spiral.
Distorted –– Warp and whoops.
The Icarus Line Must Die –– Diddle us.
6 Dynamic Laws for Success (In Life, Love & Money) –– Fail afoul.
Incredibles 2 –– Below Parr.
Tag –– You’re shit.
Superfly –– Pushing galore.
Gotti –– Don lemon.
Loving Pablo –– Escobar brawl.
The Yellow Birds –– Deployable conditions.
Gabriel and the Mountain –– Mountin’ piques.
The Year of Spectacular Men –– Date nuts.
Eating Animals –– Vegetates.
Counterfeiters –– Repro man.
A Skin So Soft –– Avon crawling.
China Salesman –– Orient excess.
Vidar the Vampire –– Vidar blew.
Billy Boy –– Billy jack.
Ocean’s 8 –– She grab.
Hereditary –– Gene slicing.
Hotel Artemis –– Check-in shit.
Won’t You Be My Neighbor –– Oy Rogers.
Nancy –– Drool.
Westwood: Punk. Icon, Activist –– Viv-isection.
2036 Origin Unknown –– Missin’ to Mars.
Zoo –– Lukewarm cage.
The Workers Cup –– Goalie lox.
On the Seventh Day –– Give it a rest.
The Valley –– Hill and dull.
211 –– Heist and lows.
Doubtful –– Believ it be.
Hearts Beat Loud –– Thump day.
Bernard and Huey –– P-Huey!
Half the Picture –– Shenema scope.
The Quest of Alain Ducasse –– Gastrobub.
Adrift –– Floats alone.
Upgrade –– They should.
Action Point –– Amusement pock.
American Animals –– Book worms.
Breath –– Ass fixation.
A Kid Like Jake –– Jake pall.
All Summers End –– Don’t fall for it.
Rodin –– The wails of Auguste.
The Texture of Falling –– And failing.
Social Animals –– Instagrim.
The Last Witness –– Polish hound.
The Doctor from India –– Indian slummer.
Solo: A Star Wars Story –– Han wringing.
Mary Shelley –– Shelley-shocked.
How to Talk to Girls at Parties –– Training bah blah.
Who We Are Now –– Con artless.
Future World –– Too soon.
Summer 1993 –– To err is humid.
The Misandrists –– Sheesh devils.
Feral –– Maul rats.
In Darkness –– Dim.
The Gospel According to André –– Talley whacker.
How Long Will I Love U –– FU.
Deadpool 2 –– Jumps the snark.
Book Club –– Chapter and worse.
Dark Crimes –– Carrey grunt.
First Reformed –– Wresting bitch faith.
On Chesil Beach –– Chisels.
Show Dogs –– How to play dead.
Sollers Point –– Sollers eclipse.
Pope Francis: A Man of His Word –– Francis beacon.
The Hollow Child –– Shell game.
Welcome to the Men's Group –– Male pattern badness.
Saving Brinton –– Keeps it reel.
The Most Unknown –– Science. Fair.
That Summer –– Pads the Beale.
Life of the Party –– Gnarly McCarthy.
Breaking In –– Jimmy fallen.
Mountain –– Doo.
Revenge –– I spit on it’s grave.
Beast –– Suxy Beast.
Terminal –– Illness.
The Seagull –– Bum Chekhov.
Higher Power –– Not for Higher.
Film Worker –– Kubrick and martyr.
The Escape –– Rickety split.
The Assassin’s Code –– Zip Code.
The Day After –– Tricks of the betrayed.
Anything –– Else.
Boom for Real: the Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michael Basquiat –– Basquiat weaving.
Always at the Carlyle –– Shitty Carlyle.
Class Rank –– Degrade point average.
Measure of a Man –– Blubbery.
Kissing Booth –– Deserves a smack.
Champion –– Bomb-wrestling.
Born Guilty –– Suppurated at birth.
Another Kind of Wedding –– Wed rag.
The Last Horsemen of New York –– Carriage vows.
Tully –– Mother bored.
Bad Samaritan –– Burglar alarmed.
Son of Bigfoot –– Toe-headed.
Overboard –– Plunges.
The Cleanse –– Toxic waste. Dump.
RBG –– Badder Ginsburg.
Ray Meets Helen –– Mental Ray.
The Guardians –– Plougher outage.
Racer and the Jailbird –– Speed hump.
Altered Perception –– Bursting at the seems.
Strangers on the Earth –– Small wander.
Jeannette –– Clone of Arc.
Alex & the List –– Lists.
The Desert Bride –– Dry rot.
Angels Wear White –– Assaulty dog.
The 12th Man –– Dozen matter.
The Con is On –– Looticrous.
Avengers: Infinity War –– Ruins the Gauntlet.
Disobedience –– Not kosher.
Let the Sunshine In –– Rays baiting.
Kings –– Suicide Kings.
Backstabbing for Beginners –– Impale into insignificance.
The House of Tomorrow –– Stock futures.
In the Last Days of the City –– Cairo he gypped.
Modern Life is Rubbish –– Like this.
The Escape of Prisoner 614 –– Bull vamoose.
Adventures in Public School –– Crapped pupil.
Supercon –– Average con.
American Socialist –– Debs collector.
Duck Butter –– Feminine hijinx.
The Test & the Art of Thinking –– Rectal exam.
I Feel Pretty –– Lousy.
Super Troopers 2 –– Staid drooper.
Traffik –– Stop!
Ghost Stories –– Deathless pros.
Duck Duck Goose –– A quackmire.
Imitation Girl –– Fake boob.
Kodachrome –– Film nowhere.
Godard Mon Amour –– Auteur immune deficiency.
The Devil and Father Amorth –– Amorthous.
And Then I Go –– Bladder up.
Little Pink House –– Eminent dumb main.
Corbin Nash –– Pluto’s cousin.
This Is Our Land –– Le Pen pals.
Edge of Isolation –– Separate but evil.
Beyond the Clouds –– Swill o’ the wisp.
Lou Andreas-Salomé: The Audacity to Be Free –– Hard Salomé.
After Auschwitz –– Camp follower.
Wanderland –– Alas in.
44 Pages –– Lowlights magazine.
Love & Bananas: An Elephant Story –– Or Woody Allen lost sequel.
Rampage –– Monsters and Johnson.
Beirut –– Of all evil.
Truth or Dare –– Not all dare.
Borg vs. McEnroe –– Rally craps.
The Rider –– Saddle bum.
Marrowbone –– Calcified.
Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero –– Stubby K-9.
Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bam! –– Androgynous bosh.
Zama –– Jammer ding-dong.
Wildling –– Away the hours.
Submergence –– Not too deep.
10x100 –– Hundred poof.
Aardvark –– Gums up the quirks.
Cake –– Of soap.
Krystal –– Mess.
Bye Bye Germany –– The bitte end.
Color Me You –– Surely hue jest.
An Ordinary Man –– Serb's notice.
Flock of Four –– Flock of twee gulls.
Hitler’s Hollywood –– Führer-star movies.
The Judge –– Shari’a bomb.
Nana –– Seconds.
A Quiet Place –– Shush funned.
Blockers –– Cocksnore.
Chappaquiddick –– Splash down.
You Were Never Really Here –– Nope, stayed home.
The Miracle Season –– Folly ball.
The Endless –– Feels like it.
Lean on Pete –– Pete’s draggin'.
Lowlife –– Fink tanks.
Sweet Country –– Aboriginal sin.
Where Is Kyra? –– Kyra nightly.
Rogers Park –– Chicago whites suck.
Spinning Man –– Circle jerk.
The Humanity Bureau –– Oh, the Humanity!
Pandas –– Bear aspirant.
The Heart of Nuba –– Sudan impact.
Ready Player One –– Ruse of the game.
Tyler Perry’s Acrimony –– Spleen gems.
Finding Your Feet –– Take a hike.
Gemini –– Twin piques.
God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness –– Just sleeping through this.
The Last Movie Star –– Reynolds wrap.
Love After Love –– Grieve gauche.
Status Update –– App pupil.
The China Hustle –– Dim some.
The Gardener –– Plant parenthood.
Outside In –– Inversion therapy.
After Louie –– Louie loo why?
Birthmarked –– Wacky mole.
All I Wish –– Fancy pants.
Caught –– Napping.
Pacific Rim Uprising –– Rim shot.
Isle of Dogs –– Woof of desperation.
Sherlock Gnomes –– Parts ungnome.
Unsane –– Soderbuggy.
Final Portrait –– Sitting bull.
Paul, Apostle of Christ –– Apaulling.
Midnight Sun –– A shit in the dark.
I Kill Giants –– Short on breadth.
Pyewacket –– Why pack it?
Game Over, Man –– Tilts.
A Bag of Marbles –– Inactive shooter.
Getting Grace –– Lapse from Grace.
Madame –– Maid concessions.
Back to Burgundy –– Stick with ripple.
The Workshop –– Writer of wrongs.
Ismael’s Ghosts –– Don't call me, Ismael.
What We Started –– Dead beats.
Beauty and the Dogs –– Smelling assaults.
Tomb Raider –– Croft boobery.
Love, Simon –– Little boy lust.
I Can Only Imagine –– A blank screen.
7 Days in Entebbe –– Raided X.
Journey’s End –– Trenchain’t.
Flower –– Petal harder.
Dear Dictator –– Tyrant power.
Demon House –– Take home pain.
Ramen Heads –– Use your noodle.
Josie –– And the pushy cats.
Keep the Change –– Lose Change.
Us and Them –– Wee.
The Happys –– Miserable.
Augie –– Augie dookie.
Yesterday Went With Yesterday –– Like there's no tomorrow?
Furlough –– For low.
No Light and No Land Anywhere –– Hopeless.
Allure –– Pull over sweaters.
A Wrinkle in Time –– L’Engle biter.
Gringo –– Tax Mex.
The Hurricane Heist –– Blew man group.
The Death of Stalin –– Mourning Joe.
The Leisure Seeker –– Pall RV.
Thoroughbreds –– Death colts.
1:54 –– Not 2 great.
The Strangers: Prey at Night –– Stalk dirty.
The Forgiven –– So sorry.
Leaning Into the Wind –– Air pud.
Claire’s Camera –– Snaps out of it.
Itzhak –– Bow diddly.
Where Have You Gone, Lou DiMaggio? –– Lou’s out.
3 Storeys –– Flight risk.
Bieber Generation –– Bieber damn.
Bent –– Over.
Red Sparrow –– Jack Sparrow.
Death Wish –– Bronson pain show.
Gnome Alone –– Gnome mas!
Foxtrot –– KIA stinker.
Goldstone –– Outback stakeout.
Midnighters –– Morning gory.
Oh, Lucy! –– Lucy goosey.
Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun? –– Not so shot.
The Vanishing of Sidney Hall –– Hall pass.
Eat Me –– Chew confessions.
Ravenous –– Eat me.
They Remain –– I leave.
Souvenir –– Totaled recall.
Mohawk –– American hairlines.
Submission –– Impossible.
Annihilation –– Wipeout.
Game Night –– All irk, no play.
The War with Grandpa –– Half a gramp.
Every Day ––Repeat after meh.
The Cured –– Hams.
The Young Karl Marx –– Marx time.
Death House –– Spoiler room.
The Lodgers –– Low rent.
Curvature –- Of the spineless.
Are We Not Cats –– Pussies.
Hannah –– Wander woman.
Half Magic –– Half tragic.
The Chamber –– Pot.
Black Panther –– Wakanda minimum.
Early Man –– Man caves.
Samson –– Remember the mane.
Double Lover –– Two two tootsie, goodbye.
The Party –– Nothing to celebrate.
Tehran Taboo –– Iran outs the kinks.
Loveless –– Hateful.
Western –– Worst Western.
The Boy Downstairs –– Not on the level.
Nostalgia –– Bawlers.
The Housemaid –– Maid a mess.
Irreplaceable You –– Sub par.
Fifty Shades Freed –– Freed at last.
Peter Rabbit –– Hop, skip and dump.
The 15:17 to Paris –– Basic training.
Golden Exits –– Golden oddly.
Permission –– Denied.
Entanglement –– Unravels.
Monster Family –– Paw relations.
Bomb City –– Punk mates.
Becks –– Git box.
Still/Born –– DOA.
The Female Brain –– Brain farce.
Basmati Blues –– White on rice.
Winchester –– Rifle through.
Before We Vanish –– Poof! piece.
Bilal: A New Breed of Hero –– Banal.
24 Frames –– Per sucking.
In the Intense Now –– Now, now.
Braven –– Dark logger.
Scorched Earth –– Dead singe.
Lies We Tell –– True defective.
Living Among Us –– A coffin fit.
The Music of Silence –– Bocelli and jam.
Wastelander –– Barren trump.
A Lesson in Cruelty –– Watching this.
Driving While Black –– POC marks.
The Cage Fighter –– The cage wins.
Maze Runner: The Death Cure –– Maze aka Corn.
Please Stand By –– Star Trek into dorkness.
American Folk –– Folk dunces.
Like Me –– Alike and alas.
A Ciambra –– Unpleasanter Roma.
Have a Nice Day –– Not after this.
Kickboxer: Retaliation –– Foot licker.
The Clapper –– Hand jobs.
Pad Man –– Bad, man.
The Competition –– Vie, oh why?
Bucky and the Squirrels –– Bucky don’t.
Desolation –– Rote.
The Neighbor –– Peeper’s creepers.
West of the Jordan River –– Jordan appeal.
12 Strong –– From bad to warhorse.
Den of Theves –– U.S. steal.
Forever My Girl –– Treacle down.
Mary and the Witch’s Flower –– Ghibli gravy.
Small Town Crime –– Cop a drag.
Mom and Dad –– Ma and par.
The Final Year –– Anno dyin’.
Gintama –– Samawry.
The Midnight Man –– 12 o’clock low.
The Road Movie -– Dash scam.
Mama Africa –– Makeba and misses meller.
Beuys –– Oh boy!
This Giant Papier-Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy –– Prop art.
Kangaroo –– Caught.
Paddington 2 –– Bear ugh.
The Commuter –– Transit flub.
Proud Mary –– Shouldn’t be.
Lover for a Day –– Bull de jour.
The Insult –– Dis is us.
Saturday Church –– Trans fixed.
Freak Show –– Out and out.
Vazante –– Slave. Mock it.
Inside –– Mother rusher.
Acts of Violence –– Taken for granted.
Just Charlie –– Male sorter.
Abe & Phil’s Last Poker Game –– Bet noir.
A Demon Within –– ’Sup with the devil?
The Lucky Man –– Dupe process.
My Art –– Arty, sure.
Almost Paris –– City of flight.

Insidious: The Last Key –– Shit out of lock.
In Between –– Bad and awful.
The Strange Ones –– Anomalous botch.
Blame –– Bitchy fingers.
Stratton –– Sigh ops.
Django –– Grind hard.
Devil’s Gate –– Gateway drag.
Sheikh Jackson –– Sheikh with laughter.
Anatomy of a Male Ballet Dancer –– Jeté blue.
Madtown –– Kook de ville.
Day of the Dead: Bloodline –– Exhume focus.

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