The Worm's Turn
Blazing Ballots
The Elephant Man
Abbott and Cruztello
The Passion of St. Andrew
Flame Duck
Blame Duck
Probe Bono
The Manafortian Candiate
White House of Horrors II
White House of Horrors
Think and Die
Hill Chill Double Bill
Barry Bonds
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Cartoon spoof of presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. entitled The Worm's Turn which shows him campaigning with his skull opened on a hinge and a smiling tapeworm that that has burrowed through his brain smiling in the spotlight. The tagline is 'The Inspiring Story of a Humble Parasite Who Wriggled His Way to the Top' with starring credits for Porky the Tapeworm and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Artwork by Tom Hachtman