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Thrill to the history of our POTUSes & their sidekicks: U.S.A. 02.


Gertrude's Follies

Gertrude's Follies #102
Ink blotto. Buy Gertrude et Alice.



Mexico's master of the mirthful menagerie. Ecce Feggorama #49.


Igor Trips

Cinch up your helmet and fall in for another freaky foray in Igor Trips.


Kristy the Clown

Hijinks with the White House's Lil' Rascals Spanky and His Gang.


Kristy the Clown

Get your Jersey on with the beloved insult pol Kristy the Clown.

Bad Adss


Martin Kozlowski
The Baby Bloomer
Winard Editorial
Ant Farmers Almanac
Celebrity Death Haiku
PK in the Terrarium
Illustrated Courtroom

Critic's Corner by E. Basil St. Blaise

Anya Taylor Joy as Emma swipes right on Mr. Knightley on TinderEmma –– Match notes.
The Call of the Wild –– London has fallen.
The Last Thing He Wanted –– Who, Affleck?
Standing Up, Falling Down –– Splat on its back.
Seberg –– Jean mutation.
Balloon –– Doesn’t pop.
Premature –– Under rage dating.
Goldie –– Whorin’.
Impractical Jokers: The Movie –– Gag reel.
10 Things We Should Do Before We Break Up –– See this not on list.
The Night Clerk –– Helpless desk.
Brahms: The Boy II –– Guise and dolls
Young Ahmed –– Dardenne variety.
Cabaret Maxime –– Maximeum…capacity.
Vitalina Varela –– Gape verde.
Manou the Swift –– Manouer.
Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band –– Bored Band.
Viral: Antisemitism in Four Mutations –– Hits the hate.
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Rob McElhenney in Mythic Quest: Raven's BanquetMythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet (Apple+) –– That’s slow Raven.
Lego Masters (FOX) –– Into locking blocks.
Locke & Key (Netflix) –– Don’t open.
Hillary (Hulu) –– Rodham and staff.
The Goop Lab (Netflix) –– Goop goo dulls.
High Fidelity (Hulu) –– Not to source material.
Star Trek: Picard (CBS All Access) –– Any card.
Medical Police (Netflix) –– Rant a cop.
AJ and the Queen (Netflix) –– Drag out fight.
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Jagged Little Pill –– Bananas Morissette.
A Christmas Carol
–– Death to Scroogie.
The Inheritance
–– Gays into the future.
Tina: The Tina Turner Musical
–– Stomach Turner.
David Byrne’s American Utopia
–– Byrne notice.
The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical
–– Bolt out of the blew.
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Music to Be Murdered By / Eminem –– Take the rap.
/ Mac Miller –– Jerks.
Fine Line
/ Harry Styles –– Doggy Styles.
Jesus is Born
/ Kanye West –– Yeezus Age Christ.
/ Beck –– Beck end deal.
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Olive, Again by Elizabeth Strout –– Olive harden.
The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern –– Lacks sparkle.
The Giver of Stars by jojo Moyes –– Giver a break.
Spy by Danielle Steel –– Steel trap.
The Rise of Magicks by Nora Roberts –– Hokey pocus.


Crime in Progress: Inside the Steele Dossier and the Fusion GPS Investigation of Donald Trump by Glenn Simpson & Peter Fritsch –– Con Fusion.
Homework by Julie Andrews –– Less fun.
The Beautiful Ones by Prince –– Sleepier Prince.
Jay-Z: Made in America by Michael Eric Dyson –– Dyson chicken nuggets.
The Body: A Guide for Occupants by Bill Bryson –– Anatomy lessens.
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Trump Tweets Alt-American HistoryThe Golem's VoiceNow What BooksGertrude et Alice

Pete Buttigieg with an Afro wigDeadlines: Bumper Stinkers 2020

The Democratic presidential field has been rid of some of its most insidious weeds, but there's still plenty of scrub to go around. Here's a selection of campaign signs for your car or caboose for the debatable eight who are still vying away like crazy. More Deadlines


WIlliam Barr bending towards Donald Trump's assHeadbangers: Mike Drop

Michael Bloomberg Hit From All Sides in Spirited Democratic Debate
–– Had to get pretty low to reach shins.
The price of wine is dropping fast

–– Join it! Headbangers 02/21/20


Trump as Moses the LawverInxart: Holey Moses is the place for editors and art directors to download the best in political illustration. This week:
Barr's Sitting Ducks, Bloomberg Bounce, Trump the Lawgiver, Military Funds for Wall, Safety Net Down – Military Up and Plastic Islands at inxart 02/19/20.


E. Basil St. Blaise and Josef from the Critic's corner PodcastPodcast: Critic's Corner Ep. 13

In Unlucky Episode 13, E. Basil St. Blaise and Josef are stranded in Amnisia's backyard as they …sling the hash à la Animal House …find fault with Uncle Walt … …spot 101 Dalmatians …melt down Frozen II …sharpen up Knives Out …suspend A Beautiful DayCritic's Corner Podcast


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez vignetteWhat Not: Crystal Bawls

The Bureau of Prevision is tasked by the State Department's Office of Budget and Planning with taking the long view on multiple aspects of American life. Herein they offer forecasts for likely events during the coming months of the new calendar year. What Not


Gertrude and Alice experience a meltdownGertrude's Follies: Pen Pows

Gertrude and Alice experience a near-catastrophic meltdown in the latest Follies. Slip out of your hazmat suit and place your atomic order for Tom Hachtman's Cult Comics Classic collection Gertrude et Alice. Gertrude's Follies


Critic's Corner: Oscar Dü

Jo? Jojo? Joker. Who won and who got whacked at the 92nd Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre at the Hollywood & Highland Center? E. Basil St. Blaise lambastes the nominees as he reviews the statuettes of limitations in the Critic's Corner


Stack of books on night tableNW Publishing: Travel Is Oxygen

We can help you turn your travel story or your favorite artwork into a published book from inital concept to finshed product on sale at Let us guide you through all the steps in-between from editing to layout and printing. Now What Publishing


Family Violence vignette by Igor KopelnitskyWhat Now: Igor Kopelnitsky

The cartoonist and illustrator Igor Kopelnitsky first published a drawing with the syndicated illustration service Inx in 1990 and for the next 23 years contributed an extraordinary run of deft and brilliant images. I first met him when … What Now


RNC elephant with a whistle for a headBad Adss: Whistle While You Jerk

In times of National Emergency we all need to be on alert regardless of our political persuasions. But if your party created the damned crisis, it wouldn't hurt to be a tad more alarmed. Tom Hachtman has it down to a T in the latest Bad Adss.


Lady JusticeKozmic Pictures: Plug Ugly

After an endless investigation, Robert Mueller finally dropped his report with a resounding thud accompanied by the braying of the allegedly exonerated examinee. This semi-tragedy has inspired a comedy you might find it hard to sit through in Kozmic Pictures Proudly Presents