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Thrill to the history of our POTUSes & their sidekicks: U.S.A. 02.


Gertrude's Follies

Gertrude's Follies #101
Shark nutto. Buy Gertrude et Alice.



Mexico's master of the mirthful menagerie. Ecce Feggorama #48.


Igor Trips

Cinch up your helmet and fall in for another freaky foray in Igor Trips.


Kristy the Clown

Hijinks with the White House's Lil' Rascals Spanky and His Gang.


Kristy the Clown

Get your Jersey on with the beloved insult pol Kristy the Clown.

Bad Adss


Martin Kozlowski
The Baby Bloomer
Winard Editorial
Ant Farmers Almanac
Celebrity Death Haiku
PK in the Terrarium
Illustrated Courtroom

Critic's Corner by E. Basil St. Blaise

The Addams Family –– Ookie dookie.
Gemini Man –– Twin killing.
Jexi –– Siri, wrong number.
The Sky Is Pink –– Pink slip.
High Strung Free Dance –– Like Elaine Benes’.
The King –– Hal Prince.
Up There –– Like proctoscopy.
Emanuel –– Labor.
Lucky Day –– Fortune slimes upon us.
Fronteras –– Border coolie.
Mary –– Ketch and kill.
Harpoon –– Point of no return.
Along Came the Devil II –– Bore you to death.
100 Acres of Hell –– Spread too thin.
The Dead Center –– Smack drab in the middle.
Ghost Busters (1984) –– Throws shades.
Parasite –– Corporal clinger.
Family History –– Has a familia ring to it.
Gundermann –– Stasi dull man.
And Then We Danced –– Hey there, Georgia boy.
Mister America –– Hump DA.
Gift –– Return it.
S&M2 –– Smacks of desperation.
Fantastic Fungi –– Fungi jumping.
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All Rise (CBS) –– All risible.
Bob Hearts Abishola (CBS) –– Black eyed piece.
Bluff City Law (NBC) –– Memphis slum.
Cake (FXX) –– Slice and dicey.
Mixed-ish (ABC) –– Mixed-uppish.
American Horror Story: 1984 (FX) –– Slash mob.
First Wives Club (BET+) –– Break-in case of emergency.
Inside Bill’s Brain (Netflix) –– Gates scratcher.
The Victim (Britbox) –– That would be you.
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The Great Society –– Johnson waxed.
The Height of the Storm
–– Tale wind.
–– Affair to middling.
Derren Brown: Secret
–– Brown and served.
Sea Wall/A Life
–– Gives up the coast.
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Hollywood Bleeding / Post Malone –– Post hates.
/ Sheryl Crow –– Threads bare.
Let it Roll
/ Midlands –– Off turntable.
The Big Day
/ Chance the Rapper –– Sinks to the occasion.
Norman Fucking Rockwell
/ Lana Del Rey –– Lana Dull Roar.
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The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates –– Drips and drab.
Red at the Bone
by Jacqueline Woodson –– Bone tired.
The Dutch House
by Ann Patchett –– Soft Dutch.
by Salman Rushdie –– Quest side story.
Land of Wolves by Craig Johnson –– Howl and why.


Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow –– Curse of the Farrow.
by Elton John –– John d'oh.
Tough Love
by Susan Rice –– Rice erroneous.
Inside Out
by Demi Moore –– Demi glazed.
The Book of Gutsy Women
by Chelsea Clinton & Hillary Clinton –– Gusty women.
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Trump Tweets Alt-American HistoryThe Golem's VoiceNow What BooksGertrude et Alice

Modern PresidentialPodcast: Critic's Corner Ep. 8

In Episode 8, E. Basil St. Blaise appeals to his Baz …spouts a sermon on Luhrmann … makes a point about exclamations …visits a Scorsese theme park …sinks his teeth into Hannibal…tracks down Serial Killers …rips the Ripper …Critic's Corner Podcast


Turkey's Erdogan as a spider attacking KurdsDeadlines: Little Miss Trumpet

Given the chance Trump will trumpet his turds:
Withdrawing troops shows how he can muff it.
It's beyond words: Erdogan's killing Kurds.
Flip Trump the birds and tell him to stuff it.
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Rudy Giuliani as one of The Trump StoogesHeadbangers: Crimea Doesn't Pay

Two men connected to Giuliani's Ukraine efforts charged with funneling foreign money into US election –– Boofing it.
Actor and comedian Rip Taylor is dead at 84
–– RIP Taylor. Headbangers 10/11/19


Lady Liberty WhistleblowerInxart: Case of the Clap is the place for editors and art directors to download the best in political illustration. This week:
Pelosi Claps Back at Trump, Right-leaning SCOTUS, Trump Abandons Kurds, McConnell Provides Sanctuary, Imperial Presidency and PRC's 70th at inxart 10/09/19.


RNC elephant with a whistle for a headBad Adss: Whistle While You Jerk

In times of National Emergency we all need to be on alert regardless of our political persuasions. But if your party created the damned crisis, it wouldn't hurt to be a tad more alarmed. Tom Hachtman has it down to a T in the latest Bad Adss.


Gertrude's FolliesGertrude's Follies: Shock Weak

Gertrude experiences the Carl of the Wild off the waterfront as she and her buddy tune in a scary sequel in the latest Follies. Shift out of cruise control and place your order for Tom Hachtman's Cult Comics Classic collection Gertrude et Alice. Gertrude's Follies


George Washington Back in New York CityNW Books: GW Back in NYC

George Washington returns to present-day New York City in a series of whimsical and warm-hearted cartoons by Felipe Galindo Feggo. The nation's first president rediscovers the city he knew in his Revolutionary War days. George Washington Back in New York CIty


Alfred HitchcockWhat Not: A Hitch in Time

Our resident cineaste, E. Basil St. Blaise, has begun work on his sure-to-be dispensible guide to classic cinema entitled The Auteur Limits. This magnum opus will include his pithiest and pissiest capsule reviews of the greatest films of our finest directors. What Not


Lady JusticeKozmic Pictures: Plug Ugly

After an endless investigation, Robert Mueller finally dropped his report with a resounding thud accompanied by the braying of the allegedly exonerated examinee. This semi-tragedy has inspired a comedy you might find it hard to sit through in Kozmic Pictures Proudly Presents


Battle Lines Drawn: Creating Political Action ComicsWhat Now: Making Political Comics

We're living in politically fractious times when everyone seems to be struggling to get their opinions heard. Martin Kozlowski is teaching a course at the School of Visual Arts this fall that will get students to transform their points of view into compelling comics. What Now