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Dr. Ivo Robotnik (Jim Carrey ) supervises the makeover of Sonic the Hedgehog by pulling out his upper teethSonic the Hedgehog –– Sonic bomb.
Downhill –– All the way.
Fantasy Island –– Roarke sewage.
The Misogynists –– Hate like a pig.
Buffaloed –– Buffalo chip.
VFW –– Vet rags.
After Midnight –– Midnight slack.
Impossible Monsters –– Beast of no notion.
Ordinary Love –– Common low wife.
The Photograph –– Snap out of it.
Olympic Dreams –– Uses skier tactics.
The Kindness of Strangers –– Amour’s the pity.
Underneath the Same Moon –– Coma pile.
What About Love –– Canoodle soup.
A Simple Wedding –– Joining farces.
Come As You Are –– We like idiots.
The Rest of Us –– The dull ones.
First Lady –– Political male storm.
Portrait of a Lady on Fire –– Flame fatale.
I Was at Home, But –– Nothing But.
Those Who Remained –– Stragglepuss.
You Go to My Head –– Plenty of space up there.
The Cordillera of Dreams –– Chile con.
The Times of Bill Cunningham –– Itchy Cunningham.

Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) –– No Quinn sitution.
The Lodge –– Snored under.
Come to Daddy –– Pounding father.
Horse Girl –– Nagging doubts.
2/1 –– 1/2 baked.
Dream Round –– Putterfingers.
Cane River –– Cane ain’t able.
Waiting For Anya –– Anya gonna keep waiting.
And Then We Danced –– Hey there, Georgia boy.
The Rhythm Section –– Beat down.
Gretel & Hansel –– Flesh from the oven.
The Assistant –– Bland aide.
Coda –– Leak to conclusion.
Beanpole –– Slim and numb.
José –– No way.
The Traitor –– Trust buster.
Incitement –– Not excitement.
The Wonderland –– Alas in Wonderland.
Taylor Swift: Miss Americana –– Swift kicks.
Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words –– Gavel pit.

The Gentlemen –– Lads and least.
The Turning –– Of the stomach.
Color Out of Space –– Tints and ass.
The Last Full Measure –– Dogged soldiers.
Elsewhere –– Stain Elsewhere.
John Henry –– Sludge hammer.
Get Gone –– So long sucker.
Assassin 33 A.D. –– Christ! Killer.
Cats –– And jam 'er.
Zombi Child –– Dead baby joke.
The Rescue –– Dog Rescue.
Quezon’s Game –– Quezon's go rolling all wrong.
I Wish I Knew –– How boring this was.


Oscar Dü 2020

Best Picture Nominees:

Ford v Ferrari –– Total drag race.
The Irishman –– Hoffa in the bag.
Jojo Rabbit –– Hitler youth.
Joker –– From the bottom of the dreck.
Little Women –– Average Jo.
Marriage Story –– Split faced.
1917 –– Combat boost.
Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood –– Manson with the stars.
Parasite –– Corporal clinger.

Bad Boys for Life –– Worse than ever.
Dolittle –– Doo little.
Weathering With You –– Weathering or not.
The Host –– With the least.
The Wave –– Bye-bye.
Blood Widow –– Screen bloody murder.
Feedback –– Distorted.
Disturbing the Peace –– That's the ticket.
Intrigo: Death of an Author –– That's all he wrote.
My Hindu Friend –– Morte bored.

Like a Boss –– Ex-echh.
The Informer –– The inside dope.
Underwater –– Sub-merciful.
The Grudge –– Grudge dread.
Three Christs –– And a ‘Damn!’
Corrupted –– Just plain rotten.
Inherit the Viper –– A big asp.
The Dawn –– Scumrise.
The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson –– Dead Bundy.
VHYes –– Betamucks.
Reality Queen! ––Parasite Hilton.
Les Misérables –– That would be the audience.
The Woman Who Loves Giraffes –– Pain in the neck.
Diving Deep: The Life and Times of Mike Degruy –– Flounders.
At the Video Store –– Be kind, unwind.


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