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Spoof of the film Civil War with Donald Trump as an old-fashioned Hollywood director with a golden megaphone yelling 'Faction!' to the actors Jesse Plemons as a MAGA militiaman and Kirsten Dunst as an Antifa journalist with a big camera.Civil War –- Civil liability.
Arcadian –– Penny Arcadian.
Sweet Dreams –– Are made of diss.
Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead –– Tell her movie is.
Sting –– eroo.
LaRoy, Texas –– LaRoy retches.
The Long Game –– Caddie slack.
Omen –– Bad Omen.
Damaged –– Hinky dinky doo.
The Absence of Eden –– Paradise sloshed.
Unsinkable –– Float and eddy.
A Forgotten Man –– Stuck in neutral.
In Flames –– Burns my ash.
Sweet Dreams –– Are made of dips.
Lost Angel: The Genius of Judee Sill –– Silly.
Resistance: They Fought Back –– Resistable.

Spoof of the film Monkey Man with the director and Dev Patel as an agitated main character Kid who has a mechanical monkey on his back wearing Kid's monkey mask and clanging two cymbals against his ears.Monkey Man –– Ape shit.
The First Omen –– Nix nix nix.
Coupe de Chance –– Fat Chance.
Parachute –– Hits the sulk.
The People’s Joker –– Assy DC.
The Greatest Hits –– Humdumb.
Model House –– Strike a poser.
The Old Oak –– Acorny.
A Bit of Light –– Ray iota.
The Beast –– Beast wacks.
Housekeeping for Beginners –– A mess.
Chicken for Linda! –– Poule cue.
Epic Tales –– Mouse curser.
Girls State –– The obvious.
Kim’s Video –– Rental wreck.
Spoof of the film Godzilla x King Kong: The New Empire with the stars acting like silent screen comedians as King Kong smashes a custard cream pie into Godzilla's face after the kaiju pulled down the ape's orange trousers and painted a white X on his chest.Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire –– Rock‘em sock ‘em reboot.
In the Land of Saints and Sinners –– Erin go broke.
Wicked Little Letters –– Nothing to post about.
The Listener –– I’m all jeers.
Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey 2 –– Sticky in the mud.
Lousy Carter –– Garbage Carter.
Asphalt City –– Blockosphere.
With Love and a Major Organ –– Not the brain.
Monster Mash –– Sour Mash.
Bag of Lies –– Sack of shit.
DogMan –– Arful.
A Cat’s Life –– Chat itself.
La Chimera –– Fleeting enema.
Karaoke –– Dirty sync.
A Fragile Flower –– Petal harder.
Hate to Love: Nickelback –– Flip the coinage.
Spoof of the film Ghostbusters: Froze Empire with the characters Gary Grooberson (Paul Rudd) and Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) in their uniforms preparing to zap a floating green apparition seen from behind with the word 'Self-Respect' glowing on its back representing the embarrassment this bad sci-fi comedy to the actors' careers.Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire –– Ghost cold turkey.
The Beautiful Game –– Pitch poor.
Late Night With the Devil
–– Heathenly host.
Immaculate –– Pure nonsense.
Problemista –– Snag pit.
Femme –– Drag and bone.
Kumiko the Treasure Hunter –– Dug-doo.
Sleeping Dogs –– Plays dead.
Riddle of Fire –– Riddle of the stinks.
Peter Five Eight –– Lost in Spacey.
Limbo –– A void like the plague.
William Shatner: You Can Call Me Bill –– Bill and kook.
Carol Doda Topless at the Condor –– Mammary glance.
Art Talent Show –– Art talent no.
Spoof of the film Loves Lies Bleeding with bodybuilder Jackie (Katy O'Brian) trying to lift a bar with the flimsy paper script on either end instead of weights while gym owner Lou (Kristen Stewart) bends down behind her to give her a shot of steroids in the rump.Love Lies Bleeding –– Butch casualty.
One Life –– Refugee wiz.
Knox Goes Down –– Hard Knox.
Shirley –– Chisolm trails.
Arthur the King –– Clear as mutt.
The American Society of Magical Negroes –– Black in back.
Irish Wish –– Téigh trasna ort féin!
Snack Shack –– Snicker Snack.
The Prank –– Prank amateur.
French Girl –– Late fille.
Club Zero –– Jack of clubs.
Uproar –– Whimper take all.
The Animal Kingdom –– Animauxtronic.
Exhuma –– Ex-humor.
Much Ado About Dying –– Cryptic.
Do Not Expect Too Much from the End of the World –– Or this film.
The Shadowless Tower –– Tower record.
Remembering Gene Wilder –– Wilder and woolly.
Ryuichi Sakamoto: Opus –– ‘Opeless.
Cartoon spoof of the animated sequel Kung Fu Panda 4 with a young fan getting lunch at an Asian-style hot food bar scooping a rubber chicken out of a disgusting-looking pan of slop. Above the sneeze guard is a sign that reads Moo Goo Guy Panda with the cartoon character Po (voiced by Jack Black) posing comedically on one foot.Kung Fu Panda 4 –– Po dunk.
Cabrini –– Mother bored.
American Dreamer –– Home inversion.
5lbs of Pressure –– 3 ozs. of script.
Imaginary –– Dream job.
Night Shift –– Alt Shift.
Accidental Texan –– Tex arcana.
The Piper –– Peed Piper.
Glitter & Doom –– Clatter & dumb.
Yolo –– Peril.
Space: The Longest Goodbye –– Mars obiter.
High & Low - John Galliano –– Low & lower.
Spoof of the film Dune: Part Two with Chani (Zendaya) and Paul Altreidis (Timothée Chalamet) standing with a big canister of EUPHORIA Nitrous Oxide sucking the gas in through their breathing apparatuses and getting high to beat the boredom of their desert world.Dune: Part Two –– Arid, extras dry.
Rose’s War –– Makes a colleen break.
Before I Change My Mind –– Gendered helpless.
Outlaw Posse –– What’s up, posse cat?
Amelia’s Children –– Twin shitties.
Asleep in My Palm –– Clap trap.
Silver Haze –– Gabby Haze.
Lost Ladies –– Lose Ladies.
Cartoon spoof of the film Drive-Away Dolls directed by Ethan Coen with characters Jamie (Margaret Qualley) and Marian (Geraldine Viswanathan) looking into a trunk of a car to see the hand of a presumed dead Joel Coen holding a clapboard for Fargo which he'd co-directed with Ethan.Drive-Away Dolls –– Waffle Coen.
Ordinary Angels –– Liver saps.
Red Right Hand –– Palms away.
Cold Meat –– Freeze willy.
Stopmotion –– Stopmovie.
Parallel –– Lines never meet.
Drugstore June –– Has script problems.
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba — To the Hashira Training –– A manga the worst.
–– Water pretension.
Io Capitano –– Feud desert.
Golden Years –– Grey poop on.
Terezin –– Booty camp.
About Dry Grasses –– And gasses.
Kiss the Future –– Bono rue.
Mad Props –– Set’s maniacs.
Veselka: The Rainbow on the Corner at the Center of the World –– Borscht, bolt.

Cartoon spoof of the superhero film Madame Web with lead character Cassandra Web (Dakota Johnson) gesticulating and swinging a web in order to entertain a very young fan wearing a Spider-Girl costume and looking up at her as she flips her the bird.Madame Web –– Flat spin.
Bob Marley: One Love –– A Rasta development.
Bleeding Love –– Bleeding awful.
Adam the First –– Rib-tickler.
Land of Bad –– Country and wastin’.
Players –– Game shit match.
Monolith –– Slab happy.
No Way Up –– Downer.
Lights Out –– Dim bubs.
Altered Reality –– Deeply fake.
Gloria Gaynor: I Will Survive –– Gloria loser.
Hate to Love –– You’ll want your nickel back.
God & Country –– Raspberry pious.
Onlookers –– Laos ebb.


Spoof of the 2024 Academy awards with nominees as dolls in boxes for sale on store shelves, including Bradley Cooper as 'Lenny aka Maestro', Lily Gladstone as 'Lily: She Killed It in Killers of the Flower Moon', the animated Spider-man as 'Spidey: Spider-Best Across the Spider-verse', Margot Robbies as "Barbie: The Movie', Robert Downey as 'Downey: The Wisenheimer from Oppenheimer', and Da'Vine Joy Randolph as 'Mary: The Holdovers Lovable Cook!' There's an ad for the statuette attached to the shelf front that reads 'Oscars Sold Separately.STATUE OF LIMITATIONS 2024

Best Picture Nominees:

American Fiction –– Doesn’t play well with authors.
Anatomy of a Fall –– Splatitudes.
Barbie –– Pink aie!
The Holdovers –– Teacher’s pit.
Killers of the Flower Moon –– Osage can you see.
Maestro –– Baton death march.
Oppenheimer –– A-bombinable.
Past Lives –– Pass.
Poor Things –– That would be the audience.
The Zone of Interest –– Is elsewhere.

Cartoon spoof of the film Lisa Frankenstein with lead character Lisa (Kathryn Newton) in her pajamas lying in bed between Boris Karloff's monster from Son of Frankenstein smiling as he holds a jar of Monster Lube in one hand and wraps his other around her waist and The Creature (Cole Sprouse) looking dejected because he hasn't got a penis.Lisa Frankenstein –– Parts and re-creation.
Out of Darkness –– But not dorkness.
Drift –– Away.
Marmalade –– Sticky.
Molli and Max in the Future –– Molli curdle.
Lola –– Loller.
Air Force One Down –– Knows dive.
Willie and Me –– Half Nelson.
The Private Eye –– Low tec.
Peppa’s Cinema Party –– Ghost Peppa.
Cobweb –– Stranded.
The Monk and the Gun –– Felonious Monk.
Float –– In the bowl.
Here –– I'm outta Here.
Ennio –– More o’ corny.
Spoof of the spy comedy film Argylle retitled Arghylle with Argylle (Henry Cavill) in a robotic kitty litter box and LaGrange (Dua Lipa) in the carrier case of Chip the Scottish Fold cats who sits looking out at the viewer in front of his human 'pets.'Argylle –– Sucks.
How to Have Sex –– Entry level job.
Fitting In –– Discharge account.
Scrambled Eggs –– Futility clinic.
Suncoast –– Sick notes.
Somewhere Quiet –– Hush pulpy.
Calamity Jane –– Glum slinger.
Departing Seniors –– Prom puree.
The Jungle Bunch: Operation Meltdown –– Puddle pushers.
The Promised Land –– Epic flail.
Skin Deep –– Swap meat.
Disco Boy –– Niger nor.
She Is Conann –– The borebarian.
Dario Argento Panico –– Prince of wails.
Bushman –– Bushed, man.
Spoof of the depressing film Sometimes I Think About Dying with main character Fran played by Daisy Ridley trudging along dejectedly dragging a light saber through the mud next to her recalling her more heroic role of Rey in the Star Wars movies. Above her is the sarcastic title Return of the Deadeye in the style of Retrn of the Jedia.Sometimes I Think About Dying –– Like 15 minutes into this.
Hundreds of Beavers –– Not worth a dam.
Miller’s Girl –– Miller’s glossing.
The Seeding –– Seedy.
American Star –– Wrecking cruise.
Cold Copy –– Faked news.
Junction –– Junk. Shun.
Totém –– Low meh on it.
Mambar Pierrette –– Sew what?
Alienoid: Return to the Future –– Alien void.
State Organs –– Organs grinder.
The ‘Vous: A Memphis Story –– BBQ sores.
Spoof of the film Founders Day with the red masked killer in a Revolutionary War-era wig swinging his gavel at the back of the head of US Representaive Lauren Boebert cast as his empty-headed, promiscuous victim.Founders Day –– Slash man standing.
I.S.S. –– H.I.S.S.
Which Brings Me to You –– Fling poop.
Wanted Man –– Got beast.
Bring Him to Me –– Fraud pick-up.
Sunrise –– Blood vassal.
Cult Killer –– Cult de suck.
Double Down South –– Cue and eh?
The Hunted –– Hasn’t a preyer.
The Breaking Ice –– Crystal knocked.
Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell –– Naminal.
Time Still Turns the Pages –– From bad to verso.
Passing: In the Shadow of Everest –– Pasang strange.
The Arc of Oblivion –– Arc de défaite.
Spoof of the musical comedy film Mean Girls with protegé Cady Heron (Angourie Rice) demonstrating her aptitiude in nastiness by setting fire to her mentor Regina George's (Reneé Rapp) so-called Burn Book as she holds it.Mean Girls –– Snark citing.
The Beekeeper –– Honey don't.
Lift –– Off.
The Book of Clarence –– Low Clarence.
Destroy All Neighbors –– Next dork.
T.I.M. –– D.I.M.
The Night They Came Home –– Posse galore.
Laced –– Unlaced.
Driving Madeleine –– Taxi crab.
The Settlers –– Settle sore.
Inshallah a Boy –– Err Jordan.
Bye Bye Tiberias –– Abbass-ackwards.
Spoof of the horror film Night Swim with character Eve Walter (Kerry Condon) underwater in her pool in the pose of the baby on the cover of Nivana's Nevermind album stretching towards an IOU slip instead of a dollar bill on a fish hook. Below the tagline reads 'Never Mind… Really.'Night Swim –– Dip shit.
Self Reliance –– Rely bad.
The Bricklayer –– Drops a load.
He Went That Way –– No direction honed.
Weak Layers –– Snow adrift.
American Star –– Points blank.
The Painter –– Drips and drubs.
You Can’t Stay Here –– If this is playing.
Some Other Woman –– Bent her.
The Bastard Sons –– Bro beating.
Rewind –– Dirty spool.
Mayhem! –– No, Mayhem.


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