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Rampage –– Monsters and Johnson.
Beirut –– Of all evil.
Truth or Dare –– Not all dare.
Borg vs. McEnroe –– Rally craps.
The Rider –– Saddle bum.
Marrowbone –– Calcified.
Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero –– Stubby K-9.
Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bam! –– Androgynous bosh.
Zama –– Jammer ding-dong.
Wildling –– Away the hours.
Submergence –– Not too deep.
10x100 –– Hundred poof.
Aardvark –– Gums up the quirks.
Cake –– Of soap.
Krystal –– Mess.
Bye Bye Germany –– The bitte end.
Color Me You –– Surely hue jest.
An Ordinary Man –– Serb's notice.
Flock of Four –– Flock of twee gulls.
Hitler’s Hollywood –– Führer-star movies.
The Judge –– Shari’a bomb.
Nana –– Seconds.

A Quiet Place –– Shush funned.
Blockers –– Cocksnore.
Chappaquiddick –– Splash down.
You Were Never Really Here –– Nope, stayed home.
The Miracle Season –– Folly ball.
The Endless –– Feels like it.
Lean on Pete –– Pete’s draggin'.
Lowlife –– Fink tanks.
Sweet Country –– Aboriginal sin.
Where Is Kyra? –– Kyra nightly.
Rogers Park –– Chicago whites suck.
Spinning Man –– Circle jerk.
The Humanity Bureau –– Oh, the Humanity!
Pandas –– Bear aspirant.
The Heart of Nuba –– Sudan impact.
Ready Player One –– Ruse of the game.
Tyler Perry’s Acrimony –– Spleen gems.
Finding Your Feet –– Take a hike.
Gemini –– Twin piques.
God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness –– Just sleeping through this.
The Last Movie Star –– Reynolds wrap.
Love After Love –– Grieve gauche.
Status Update –– App pupil.
The China Hustle –– Dim some.
The Gardener –– Plant parenthood.
Outside In –– Inversion therapy.
After Louie –– Louie loo why?
Birthmarked –– Wacky mole.
All I Wish –– Fancy pants.
Caught –– Napping.
Pacific Rim Uprising –– Rim shot.
Isle of Dogs –– Woof of desperation.
Sherlock Gnomes –– Parts ungnome.
Unsane –– Soderbuggy.
Final Portrait –– Sitting bull.
Paul, Apostle of Christ –– Apaulling.
Midnight Sun –– A shit in the dark.
I Kill Giants –– Short on breadth.
Pyewacket –– Why pack it?
Game Over, Man –– Tilts.
A Bag of Marbles –– Inactive shooter.
Getting Grace –– Lapse from Grace.
Madame –– Maid concessions.
Back to Burgundy –– Stick with ripple.
The Workshop –– Writer of wrongs.
Ismael’s Ghosts –– Don't call me, Ismael.
What We Started –– Dead beats.
Beauty and the Dogs –– Smelling assaults.
Tomb Raider –– Croft boobery.
Love, Simon –– Little boy lust.
I Can Only Imagine –– A blank screen.
7 Days in Entebbe –– Raided X.
Journey’s End –– Trenchain’t.
Flower –– Petal harder.
Dear Dictator –– Tyrant power.
Demon House –– Take home pain.
Ramen Heads –– Use your noodle.
Josie –– And the pushy cats.
Keep the Change –– Lose Change.
Us and Them –– Wee.
The Happys –– Miserable.
Augie –– Augie dookie.
Yesterday Went With Yesterday –– Like there's no tomorrow?
Furlough –– For low.
No Light and No Land Anywhere –– Hopeless.
Allure –– Pull over sweaters.
A Wrinkle in Time –– L’Engle biter.
Gringo –– Tax Mex.
The Hurricane Heist –– Blew man group.
The Death of Stalin –– Mourning Joe.
The Leisure Seeker –– Pall RV.
Thoroughbreds –– Death colts.
1:54 –– Not 2 great.
The Strangers: Prey at Night –– Stalk dirty.
The Forgiven –– So sorry.
Leaning Into the Wind –– Air pud.
Claire’s Camera –– Snaps out of it.
Itzhak –– Bow diddly.
Where Have You Gone, Lou DiMaggio? –– Lou’s out.
3 Storeys –– Flight risk.
Bieber Generation –– Bieber damn.
Bent –– Over.
Red Sparrow –– Jack Sparrow.
Death Wish –– Bronson pain show.
Gnome Alone –– Gnome mas!
Foxtrot –– KIA stinker.
Goldstone –– Outback stakeout.
Midnighters –– Morning gory.
Oh, Lucy! –– Lucy goosey.
Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun? –– Not so shot.
The Vanishing of Sidney Hall –– Hall pass.
Eat Me –– Chew confessions.
Ravenous –– Eat me.
They Remain –– I leave.
Souvenir –– Totaled recall.
Mohawk –– American hairlines.
Submission –– Impossible.
Annihilation –– Wipeout.
Game Night –– All irk, no play.
The War with Grandpa –– Half a gramp.
Every Day ––Repeat after meh.
The Cured –– Hams.
The Young Karl Marx –– Marx time.
Death House –– Spoiler room.
The Lodgers –– Low rent.
Curvature –- Of the spineless.
Are We Not Cats –– Pussies.
Hannah –– Wander woman.
Half Magic –– Half tragic.
The Chamber –– Pot.



Best Picture Nominees:

Call Me By Your Name –– The male gays.
Darkest Hour –– Churchill downs.
Dunkirk –– Bombs a ways.
Get Out –– Black bolt.
Lady Bird –– Snowed Bird.
Phantom Thread –– Sew-sew.
The Post –– Post waste.
The Shape of Water –– Sop story.
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri –– Ebbing away.

Black Panther –– Wakanda minimum.
Early Man –– Man caves.
Samson –– Remember the mane.
Double Lover –– Two two tootsie, goodbye.
The Party –– Nothing to celebrate.
Tehran Taboo –– Iran outs the kinks.
Loveless –– Hateful.
Western –– Worst Western.
The Boy Downstairs –– Not on the level.
Nostalgia –– Bawlers.
The Housemaid –– Maid a mess.
Irreplaceable You –– Sub par.
Fifty Shades Freed –– Freed at last.
Peter Rabbit –– Hop, skip and a dump.
The 15:17 to Paris –– Basic training.
Golden Exits –– Golden oddly.
Permission –– Denied.
Entanglement –– Unravels.
Monster Family –– Paw relations.
Bomb City –– Punk mates.
Becks –– Git box.
Still/Born –– DOA.
The Female Brain –– Brain farce.
Basmati Blues –– White on rice.
Winchester –– Rifle through.
Before We Vanish –– Poof! piece.
Bilal: A New Breed of Hero –– Banal.
24 Frames –– Per sucking.
In the Intense Now –– Now, now.
Braven –– Dark logger.
Scorched Earth –– Dead singe.
Lies We Tell –– True defective.
Living Among Us –– A coffin fit.
The Music of Silence –– Bocelli and jam.
Wastelander –– Barren trump.
A Lesson in Cruelty –– Watching this.
Driving While Black –– POC marks.
The Cage Fighter –– The cage wins.
Maze Runner: The Death Cure –– Maze aka Corn.
Please Stand By –– Star Trek into dorkness.
American Folk –– Folk dunces.
Like Me –– Alike and alas.
A Ciambra –– Unpleasanter Roma.
Have a Nice Day –– Not after this.
Kickboxer: Retaliation –– Foot licker.
The Clapper –– Hand jobs.
Pad Man –– Bad, man.
The Competition –– Vie, oh why?
Bucky and the Squirrels –– Bucky don’t.
Desolation –– Rote.
The Neighbor –– Peeper’s creepers.
West of the Jordan River –– Jordan appeal.
12 Strong –– From bad to warhorse.
Den of Theves –– U.S. steal.
Forever My Girl –– Treacle down.
Mary and the Witch’s Flower –– Ghibli gravy.
Small Town Crime –– Cop a drag.
Mom and Dad –– Ma and par.
The Leisure Seeker –– Give me a break.
The Final Year –– Anno dyin’.
Gintama –– Samawry.
The Midnight Man –– 12 o’clock low.
The Road Movie -– Dash scam.
Mama Africa –– Makeba and misses meller.
Beuys –– Oh boy!
This Giant Papier-Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy –– Prop art.
Kangaroo –– Caught.
Paddington 2 –– Bear ugh.
The Commuter –– Transit flub.
Proud Mary –– Shouldn’t be.
Lover for a Day –– Bull de jour.
The Insult –– Dis is us.
Saturday Church –– Trans fixed.
Freak Show –– Out and out.
Vazante –– Slave. Mock it.
Inside –– Mother rusher.
Acts of Violence –– Taken for granted.
Just Charlie –– Male sorter.
Abe & Phil’s Last Poker Game –– Bet noir.
A Demon Within –– ’Sup with the devil?
The Lucky Man –– Dupe process.
My Art –– Arty, sure.
Almost Paris –– City of flight.
Insidious: The Last Key –– Shit out of lock.
In Between –– Bad and awful.
The Strange Ones –– Anomalous botch.
Blame –– Bitchy fingers.
Stratton –– Sigh ops.
Django –– Grind hard.
Devil’s Gate –– Gateway drag.
Sheikh Jackson –– Sheikh with laughter.
Anatomy of a Male Ballet Dancer –– Jeté blue.
Madtown –– Kook de ville.
Day of the Dead: Bloodline –– Exhume focus.

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