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Spoof of the film Babylon retitled Babble On with characters Jack Conrad (Brad Pitt) and Nellie LaRoy (Margot Robbie) snorting the white letters Y and L from the Hollywoodland sign like they were cocaine. Babylon –– Hollywood heels.
Living –– Bump in the rote.
I Wanna Dance With Somebody –– Witless Houston.
The Pale Blue Eye –– Stare master.
Alice, Dear –– Alas, dear.
Puss In Boots: The Last Wish –– Ass purr usual.
Broker –– Broken.
Joyride –– For who?
Corsage –– Wilted.
Turn Every Page: The Adventures of Robert Caro and Robert Gottlieb –– Pub. crawl.
No Bears –– Bears repeating.
Wildcat –– A slow lot.

Spoof of the film Avatar: The Way of Water with Jake, Neytiri and Tonowari acting like the Blue Man Group beating water in drums with mallets under the title Na'vi Blue Group. Avatar: The Way of Water –– Soggy bottom.
High Heat –– Slow pitch.
Mindcage –– Brain lock.
The Apology –– Sorry loser.
Lullaby –– Baddie bye.
Saving Grace –– Grace undesire.
Good As Dead –– Tempo of doom.
I Want to Thank the Academy –– Speech impediment.
The Almond and the Seahorse –– Almond sputter.
The Quiet Girl –– Lassie dumb home.
Violent Streets –– Generous to asphalt.
Little Nicholas –– Nick nap.
Jurassic Punk –– Spaz tics.
The Super 8 Years –– Filmy.
Children of the Mist –– Tet offensive.
Spoof of the film The Whale with lead character Charley (Brendan Fraser) as Moby Dick and director Darren Aronofsky as Ahab tied to his side by harpoon ropes as he swims through the ocean.The Whale –– Mopey dick.
Empire of Light –– Snuffle film.
Spoiler Alert –– Treacle treat.
Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical –– Hokey Chokey.
Christmas Bloody Christmas –– St. Nick fury.
The Mean One –– The Grinch reaper.
I Am D.B. Cooper –– Eats, ‘chutes, leaves.
One Fine Morning –– No laughing matin.
Blanquita –– Foster careless.
Make a Wish –– I did, but it’s still here.
The Sparring Partner –– Thump drive.
Loudmouth –– Or Al Sharpton.
To the End –– End less.
Johnny Cash: the Redemption of an American Icon –– The man in blecch.
Spoof of the film Violent Night with star David Harbour as a homicidal Santa Claus sitting astride the body of the Grinch as portrayed by Jim Carrey.Violent Night –– Santa crudes.
The Inspection –– Pass it.
Emancipation –– Free Willy.
The Eternal Daughter –– Daughter in loss.
What Remains –– Residue evil.
Christmas With the Campbells –– Stupe cam.
Hashtag Blessed: The Movie –– Trashbag blast.
Angry Neighbors –– Taking a fence.
Harbinger –– Of dumb.
Twisted –– Cistern.
The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie –– Five and dim.
Close –– But no cigar.
Nr. 10 –– Nr. miss.
Hunt –– Trail's off.
Amigo –– Unfriend.
Return to Seoul –– Seoul kitsch.
Food and Romance –– Kitsch 'n' sinks.
Last Film Show –– Shit just got reel.
Four Samosas –– Stuffed and nonsense.
Tantura –– Zion someone’s death warrant.
2nd Chance –– Vested disinterest.
The Quiet Epidemic –– Lyme rickety.
Neil Young: Harvest Time –– Reap what you blow.
Spoof of the film Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery retitled Glass Onions with characters Miles Bron (Edward Norton) & Andi Brand (Janelle Monáe) pointing to detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) holding a string of Ben Wa balls as he thinks "Benoit Balls?" while looking at them.Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery –– Onion dip.
White Noise –– Static-seekers.
Bones and All –– Chew-chew brain.
The Son –– Depression error.
Devotion –– To clichés.
Nanny –– Gloat.
Most Guys Are Losers –– Like one who made this?
Strange World –– Planet witless.
Leonor Will Never Die –– Survival coarse.
The King of Laughter –– Yukker flat.
All the Beauty and the Bloodshed –– Goldin slumbers.
Users –– Screens shot.
Spoof of the film The Fabelmans retitled The Feeblemans with father Burt (Paul Dano) and mother Mitzi (Michelle Williams) sitting in a movie theater on either side their child who has director Steven Spielberg's head and is holding a big box of popcorn with ET in it picking his nose with his glowing finger.The Fabelmans –– Spiel ‘burb.
The Menu ––À la shart.
She Said –– He spread.
Bad Axe –– Cut!
The Chosen –– The Gospel according to mock.
Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend –– Down shifty.
Taurus –– The bull.
The Last Manhunt –– Doesn’t track.
There There –– Wee console.
Poker Face –– Crowe’s anatomy.
The Noel Diary –– Yule and cry.
Scrooge: A Christmas Carol –– Scratchit.
EO –– Eek-yikes eek-yikes EO.
Memories of My Father –– Papa barely.
200 Meters –– Only fence.
Love, Charlie: The Rise and Fall of Chef Charlie Trotter –– Surrender to the inedible.
Only in Theaters –– Carl lamely.
Liam Gallagher: Knebworth 22 –– Nob’s worth.
The Great Basin –– I wash my hands of it.
Spoof of the film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever with a somber Okoye (Danai Gurira) and a crying Ramonda (Angela Bassett) standing over the deceased figure of T'Challa with his arms and legs in the air under the title Wah Wah Wah Forever.Black Panther: Wakanda Forever –– Feels longer.
Spirited –– Away!
Sam & Kate –– Senior bomb.
Slumberland –– Nemo therapy.
The Swimmers –– Stroke of lunk.
Going All the Way: The Director’s Edit –– Gets to turd base.
Paradise City –– Town and out.
Manifest West –– Manifesters.
The Friendship Game –– Amity nil horror.
Bar Fight! –– Bore brawl.
Dylan & Zoey –– Stunted double.
Christmas in Paradise –– Snow koan.
Un Couple –– Wife fie!
Retrograde –– Kabulian data type.
In Her Hands –– Afghan shrug.
Spoof of the film Bardo with director Alejandro González Iñárritu lying back on some pillows as he gazes at his navel and pulls his star Daniel Giménez Cacho out of it. The title Bored-o appears above him.Bardo, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths –– Budget Bardo.
Causeway –– ‘Cause why?
Something in the Dirt –– Dirt nap.
Next Exit –– Cut out.
Nocebo –– Cured damn.
Soft & Quiet –– Like a wet fart.
The Estate –– Willing participants.
I’m Totally Fine –– Goo grief!
On the Line –– Call-in card.
The Wonder –– Starve vehicle.
The Box –– Penalty Box.
You Resemble Me –– Bomber dear.
Mama –– Bolivia wild.
Missing –– Suspense, logic, pleasure.
One Piece Fit Red –– One Piece shits all.
Calendar Girls –– Bags to the bone.
Meet Me in the Bathroom –– Where this music sounds better.
Good Night Oppy –– Opportunity knocks.
Salvatore: Shoemaker of Dreams –– Arch support.
Stutz –– Fits and Stutz.
Duran Duran: A Hollywood High –– Gulls on film.
Spoof of the film Armageddon Time with Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong as the parents of director James Gray hovering over him dramatically and holding up books on acting by Uta Hagen and Konstantin Stanislavsky.Armageddon Time –– 50 clichés of Gray.
All Quiet on the Western Front ––
Call Jane
–– Roe bloat.
Please Baby Please –– Pleads like a pig.
Prey for the Devil –– Toxic spell.
The Lair –– Group ugh.
A Chance Encounter –– No Chance.
The System –– Get it out of yours.
Holy Spider –– Spidey senseless.
The Ambush –– Sneak and destroy.
The Novelist’s Film –– Prose boner.
Louis Armstrong’s Black & Blues –– Bruise messenger.
Let There Be Drums –– Status cymbals.
Raymond Lewis: L.A. Legend –– A he’s who?
Spoof of the film Black Adam with Dr. Fate (Pierce Brosnan) standing behind the title character played by Dwayne Johnson and  pouring a a barrel of sports drink over him as we see his costume has a Gatorade logo replacing the lightning bolt on it.Black Adam –– DC ee-eww!
Till –– The bitter end.
Ticket to Paradise –– Wan way.
The Banshees of Inisherin –– A scream.
The Good Nurse –– Who cares?
Where Are You –– Not here.
American Murderer –– Knock it off.
Slayers –– Murderers rote.
My Policeman –– Frisky.
Aftersun ––Tweelight.
Slash/Back –– Guts and bruises.
Brother’s Keeper –– Farce of nurture.
Hunted –– Dogged tired.
The Divine Protector: Master Salt Begins –– Not worth its Salt.
Wendell & Wild –– Winded and mild.
Descendant –– Halfway descend.
All That Breathes –– Sucks wind.
The Pez Outlaw –– Dispense with it.
In the Court of the Crimson King –– Frippery.
The Return of Tanya Tucker: Featuring Brandi Carlisle –– Tuckers out.
Brainwashed: Sex-Camera-Power –– The male daze.
Spoof of the film Halloween Ends with an unsteady Michael Myers using a beat-up walker swings a cleaver as he slowly pursues Laurie Stroud (Jamie Lee Curtis) who is also shuffing along using a walker.Halloween Ends ––Badly.
Tár –– Pit.
Raymond & Ray –– Stink Ray.
The Same Storm –– Lockdown drag out.
Old Man –– Oldies but gooeys.
Accident Man: Hitman’s Holiday –– Here’s the rubout.
The Loneliest Boy in the World –– Bought a ticket for this.
Bitch Ass –– Tall, dark and hangs some.
Beyond the Neon –– Inert gasp.
Summit Fever –– A mount to nothing
Decision to Leave –– After 15 minutes.
Stars at Noon –– Noon buggy.
The Other Tom –– Toms of inane.
Eternal Spring –– May not.
Phantom Project –– The Phantom densest.
Plan A –– The plot sickens.
Sell/Buy/Date –– Screw brawl comedy.
Scrap –– Scrap.
Cat Bodies –– Cries and whiskers.
Spoof of the comedic mystery film Amsterdam with characters Burt (Christian Bale), Valerie (Margot Robbie) and Harold (John David Washington) unmasking director David O. Russell as the villain of the piece. beneath the title Amsterdumb.Amsterdam –– Russell mania.
Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile –– Croc of shit.
To Leslie –– Leslie stalls.
The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry –– Book smeller.
Pretty Problems –– Pretty lame.
Signs of Love –– But not life.
Ask Me to Dance –– Date with density.
Stay the Night –– Sleepover campy.
Terrifier 2 –– Second clash citizen.
MK Ultra –– Ultra unsound.
Triangle of Sadness –– I suss a least Triangle.
Some Like it Rare –– Meat in the middle.
Piggy –– Fatulent.
Project Wolf Hunting –– Bay o’ wolf.
Possession –– Is 9/10 of the low.
Swimmer –– Splash down.
Battleground –– ‘Fraid see Dobbs.
Last Flight Home –– Descent of desperation.
Spoof of the gay rom-com Bros with the film's poster transposed to the Bruce Springsteen album cover for Born in the U.S.A. with two men in jeans seen from behind and retitled Bros in the U.S.A./Billy Eichler. The character on the left has his hand on the backside of Springsteen as he asks "Wanna play I'm Goin' Down?" and he replies, "Just remember, I'm the Boss." Bros –– Boys in the bland.
Smile –– Grin reaper.
The Greatest Beer Run Ever –– On its last kegs.
The Good House –– So, Good; it’s bad.
Vesper –– Eek-o disaster.
Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon –– Red crescent.
Dead for a Dollar –– Boot Hill.
Masking Threshold –– Edges its bets.
Devil's Workshop –– The satanic rehearses.
God’s Creatures –– Grates and small.
Argentina, 1985 –– Juntas stew.
Sirens –– Blare witch project.
Taming the Garden –– Safe arbor.
The Last Band on Stage –– Chicago hopeless.
Dio: Dreamers Never Die –– Madre Dio!

Spoof of the film Don't Worry Darling with  Alice Chambers (Florence Pugh) under the covers in bed looking up at husband Jack (Harry Styles) who looks like the Disney version of Pinocchio.Don’t Worry Darling –– Porn hubby.
Carmen –– Bizet as a beatch.
Catherine Called Birdy –– She hung up.
5-25-77 –– Dates itself.
The Enforcer –– Blunt force drama.
Bandit –– Nerds of steal.
The Infernal Machine –– Firing on all pissed ons.
Blank –– Mange.
Section 8 –– 8 is a snuff.
The Swearing Jar –– Fuck it.
Control –– Crude’s Control.
Railway Children –– Freight nerves.
Petrov’s Flu –– Phlegm retardant.
My Imaginary Country –– A comedy of terras.
Young Plato –– Play d’oh.
Grand Jeté –– Leap jeer.
Buried: The 1892 Alpine Meadows Avalanche –– Snowy regret.

Blonde –– Bomb shill.
The Woman King –– Blood sistah.
Confess, Fletch –– Hamm and ughs.
See How They Run –– Straight into ground.
Clerks III –– View ass cue.
Pearl –– Be for swine.
God’s Country –– Boondock feints.
The Silent Twins –– Mute swings.
A Jazzman’s Blues –– Riff rife.
Running the Bases –– Let it slide.
I Am Like You –– Then you hate yourself.
The Retaliators –– Tit for twat.
Casablanca Beats –– Clapped-rap.
Goodbye, Don Glees! –– Gleesy slick.
Moonage Daydream –– Bowie jest.
Riotsville, USA –– I’m not laughing.
Spoof of the film Barbarian with Keith (Bill Skarsgård) at the rental home's door telling Tess (Georgina Campbell) she can stay if she fulfills a series of horror film clichés to which she replies, "Duh!"Barbarian –– Meshuga shack.
True Things –– Screw, lose.
Medieval –– Bohemian crap shoddy.
House of Darkness –– Gets off lightly.
Speak No Evil –– See new evil.
About Fate –– About face.
Unfavorable Odds –– 100-to-1 you finish this.
Haunted Trail –– Trailer trash.
Mysterious Circumstance: The Death of Meriwether Lewis –– Lewis and clog.
The Class –– Act the fool.
After Ever Happy –– During always sad.
Hold Me Tight –– Sick choke.
Dos Estaciones –– Tequila scum rise.
The Story of Film: A New Generation –– S’naff film.
Hockeyland –– Goo sticks.
Spoof of the film Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul. with main characters Lee-Curtis Childs (Sterling K. Brown) and his wife Trinitie (Regina Hall) cutting up  with a fake cross through the head, readings from The Hokey Bible, a roatating halo headpiece and a Laughter sign for the audience.Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul. –– Wholly crap.
Burial –– In turd.
Gigi & Nate –– Gigi hate deed.
One Way –– Down.
All Eyes –– See of trouble.
The Harbinger –– Signs off.
Wire Room –– Tripped Wire.
Tiny Cinema –– Oymax.
Peter Von Kant –– Can’t.
Waiting for Bojangles –– Miss D’uh Bojangles.
Saloum –– Saloum oaf.
The Book of Delights –– Affront page.
Loving Highsmith –– Down Pat.
Blind Ambition –– Tippling rivalry.
Our American Family –– The family stoned.
Spoof of the film Three Thousand Years of Longing with the Djinn (Idris Elba) telling a confusing tale while Alithea (Tilda Swinton)m vigorously rubs a bottle of Miller Light to get him to disappear back into it.Three Thousand Years of Longing –– Slow Djinn fizzle.
Breaking –– Broke.
The Invitation –– Bleed our guest.
Funny Pages –– Cartoon nut work.
The Stranger in Our Bed –– Cheat sheets.
Adopting Audrey –– Fosters resentment.
Maneater –– Shark stank.
Jane –– D'oh!
The Good Boss –– Office game.
Private Desert –– Dry fruit.
Adieu Godard –– Jejune look Godard.
Alienoid –– Alineannoyed.
Last Journey of Paul W.R. –– Moon ribber.
Spoof of the film Beast retitled Least with star Idris Elba driving a rubber knife into the Cowardly Lion played by Bert Lahr.Beast –– Clawed moany.
Orphan: First Kill –– Little orphan anarchy.
Spin Me Around –– As I puke.
The Immaculate Room –– Clean and somber.
Bullet Proof –– Bleeds out.
Get Away If You Can –– Before entering theatre.
Delia’s Gone –– Not soon enough.
The Runner –– REM and coke.
Manbaby –– Mewl train.
The Legend of Molly Johnson –– Molly curdles.
Squeal –– Pig style.
Dragon Bal Super: Super Hero –– Super bad.
The Territory –– Brazilian whacks.
Three Minutes – A Lengthening –– Protractor pull.
Spoof of the film Emily the Criminal with the title character  proferring a fake gold credit card that reads WHATEVER! which she used to buy her SARCASM UNIVERSITY cap and her MY BITCH FACE NEVER RESTS t-shirt.Emily the Criminal –– Dally Plaza.
Mack & Rita –– Mack & cheese.
Fall –– Numb dropper.
Rogue Agent –– Off rogue vehicle.
Wifelike –– Wehate.
No Way Out –– Stuck footage.
Summering –– Slummering.
Girl Picture –– Snap shat.
Emergency Declaration –– Flop warner.
We Are As Gods –– Brand X.
Free Puppies! –– Wouldn’t get us to see this.
Bloom Up: A Swinger Couple Story –– Bonk accounts.
Back to the Drive-in –– Gawky park.
Spoof of the film Bullet Train with Wolf (Bad Bunny) driving a knife through the empty head of Ladybug (Brad Pitt.)Bullet Train –– Fare beater.
Easter Sunday –– Holiday ham.
I Love My Dad –– Papa chummy.
My Favorite Girlfriend –– Bae watch.
Bodies Bodies Bodies –– Corpse circles.
Tin Can –– Nit cage.
Givers of Death –– His and hearse.
Cave Rescue –– Spelunky.
The Most Dangerous Game –– Prey tell.
Collide –– Crash bin.
Lighting Up the Stars –– Ernest and young.
Claydream –– Blobby Vinton.
Spoof of the film Vengeance with Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling) from The Office holding a gun to the back of the head of  B.J. Noval who played her lover Ryan Howard in the series.Vengeance –– Grim Novak.
Thirteen Lives –– Thais up.
DC League of Super-Pets –– Suicide squat.
Sharp Stick –– Prick punch.
Resurrection –– Diminishing returns.
Paradise Highway –– Truck slop.
The Reef: Stalked –– Sea rattles slew.
A Love Story –– Enamor fillings.
Ali & Ava –– Ali blah-blah.
It Snows All the Time –– A drift.
The Moderator –– Disgust amongst themselves.
Hypochondriac –– I think I’m going to be sick.
Medusa –– Gorgon transplant.
Hansan: Rising Dragon –– Hansan and regrettable.
Alex’s War –– Infowarts.
My Tree –– Branch dressing.
A spoof of the film Nope with stars Keke Palmer, Daniel Kaluuya & Steven Yeun looking up towards a green, noxious cloud above them. Below it is the question, 'Did You Create This Otherworldly Air Biscuit?' to which the three reply 'Nope!'Nope –– Peele and shtick.
Alone Together –– Combo splatter.
Art of Love –– Semen on the mount.
Blackwood –– West disposal unit.
Bundles –– Of doi.
How to Please a Woman –– Avoid this.
The Nan Movie –– The non-movie.
My Donkey, My Lover & I –– Drags its ass.
Chilli Laugh Story –– Pepper spay.
Skies of Lebanon –– Beirutal.
My Old School –– Classless.
The Reverend –– Rev runt.

Spoof of the film Where the Crawdads Sing with the main character Kya Clark (Daisy Edgar-Jones) leaning against a tree watching a crawfish holding a top hat in front of a microphone singing the song Rock Lobster.Where the Crawdads Sing –– Cray crayfish.
The Gray Man –– Gray’s an agony.
She Will –– She can’t.
Gone in the Night –– Bad wetter.
American Carnage –– American garbage.
Queen of Glory –– Glory hole.
Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris –– Harris twee.
Earwig –– Sleepy-crawly.
Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank –– Hank of hairball.
Girls to Buy –– Low rents of Arabia.
Murina –– Sub Murina.
Marx Can Wait –– Marx time.
Gabby Giffords Won’t Back Down –– Gabby haze.
From Where They Stood –– Stood down.
Living Wine –– Cask aspersions.
Anonymous Club –– I wouldn’t admit I was fan either.

Spoof of the film Thor: Love and Thunder with The Mighty Thor (Natalie Portman) holding Mjölnir and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) holding Stormbreaker both grabbing for an electric hair dryer.Thor: Love and Thunder –– Hammer and pickle.
The Road to Galena –– Court short.
Fair Game –– Roo morgue.
Take the Night –– And shove it.
Both Sides of the Blade –– Doubly dull.
Cop Secret –– Arresting bitch face.
Moon, 66 Questions –– Moon ribber.
Dreaming Walls: Inside the Chelsea Hotel –– To let humor.
The Day the Music Died: The Story of Don McLean’s American Pie –– Miss American Pie.
Fire of Love –– Lava’s pat.


Spoof of the 2022 Oscar nominees with a big screen TV hanginging from the screen in a small multiplex movie theater as a hand is seen pointing a remote control at it. On the TV are Leonardo DiCaprio in Don't Look Up, Benedict Cumberbatch in The Power of the Dog, a Sandworm in Dune, Ariana DeBose in West Side Story, Will Smith in King Richard, Mirabel in Encanto, Jessica Chastain in The Eyes of Tammy Faye, and Ciarán Hinds in Belfast.OSCAR WRECK 2021

Best Picture Nominees:

Belfast –– Irish stew.
CODA–– Silence!
Don't Look Up –– Not even on Wikipedia.
Drive My Car –– Saab story.
Dune –– Sand bah.
King Richard –– Backhand slop.
(Will Smith's Academy Awards performance –– Forehand slap.)
Licorice Pizza –– Less appetizing then it sounds.
Nightmare Alley –– Geek tragedy.
The Power of the Dog –– Heel.
West Side Story –– Krup you.

Spoof of the film Minions: The Rise of Gru with the young Gru opening a box of Minionslax suppositories as he considers inserting Bob with the aid of Gru Goo Lube. Minions: The Rise of Gru –– Gru some.
Mr. Malcolm’s List –– Malcolm in the muddle.
The Forgiven –– Not by me.
Fourth of July –– Screwy C.K.
Hot Seat –– Stinky-wicket.
Rubicon –– Don’t cross.
Code Name Banshee –– Real name: Bullshit.
Last the Night –– Doesn’t last the 87 minutes.
Attack on Finland –– Fight to the Finnish.
Sniper: White Raven –– Cite specific.
Clara Sola –– Sola eclipse.
Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song –– Cohen obstacle.
Accepted –– Rejected.
 Spoof of the movie Elvis with director Baz Luhrmann dressed as Vegas Elvis holding his hands up 'framing' his dancing star Austin Butler between his fingers.Elvis –– Disgraceland.
The Black Phone –– Call off.
Marcel the Shell With Shoes On –– Twee hugger.
Flux Gourmet –– Acid re: Flux.
Murder at Yellowstone City –– Pest western.
Press Play –– Depress play.
Triple Threat –– To eyes, ears, nose.
Apples –– Ugh-forgettable.
Olga –– Parallel bahs.
Beba –– Homely movie.
The Human Trial –– Flab test.
We –– Wee.
A spoof of the film Lightyear with the title character holding his robot cat Sox in one hand and a cat litter scooper in the other that's filled with D batteries.Lightyear –– Buzz kill.
Cha Cha Real Smooth –– Smooth jazz.
Swap Me, Baby –– Chop Swap.
First Love –– Then hate.
The Lost Girls –– Never lands.
Brian and Charles –– Oy, Robot.
Abandoned –– Properly so.
Mid-Century –– Rental breakdown.
The Good Neighbor –– Nay, bore.
Blowback –– Blow away.
Wildhood –– Pow woe.
Official Competition –– Film fester.
A Man of Integrity –– Rep snorter.
Wild Men –– Wild: Abandon.
Cocoon –– Pupa scoop.
The Witch 2: The Other One –– Witch?
Stay Prayed Up –– Gospel and worse.
Bitterbrush –– Brush aside.
Civil: Ben Crump –– Crumpled.
A spoof of the film Jurassic World: Dominion showing original returning cast members from Jurassic Park –– Laura Dern, Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum –– as dinosaurs.Jurassic World: Dominion –– Dino snore.
Tahara –– Boom-de-ay.
Block Party –– Black potty.
I’m Charlie Walker –– Jerk Walker.
The Walk –– Quite a trip.
All About Evil –– A bumpy ride.
Lost Illusions –– Obstacle Illusions.
1982 –– Lebanon baloney.
The Story Won’t Die –– Never comes alive.
Spoof of the film Crimes if the Future with surgically-altered characters Caprice (Lea Seydoux) and Saul Tenser (Viggo Mortensen) play footsies with feet extending from their chests.Crimes of the Future –– Organ grinder.
Hustle –– And flaw.
Benediction –– Bless this mess.
The Phantom of the Open –– Putt sore.
Watcher –– Peepers creepers.
The Score –– Nil nil.
Dashcam –– Wrecked ‘em.
Poser –– Poseur.
Wolf Hound –– Dog.
Maika: The Girl from Another Galaxy –– Nam nuts.
Neptune Frost –– Frost warning.
Eiffel –– Tower records.
Miracle –– Minor Miracle.
After Blue –– Blue over.
We Are the Thousands –– That this film will make.
Deep in the Heart: A Texas Wildlife Story –– Tex critter.
Spoof of the film Top Gun: Maverick with an excited Tom Cruise being launched into the atmosphere in a movie theater ejecrtor seat as he clutches a cola and popcorn.Top Gun: Maverick –– Jet leak.
18 1/2 –– Debasement tapes.
Dinner in America –– Sucker punk.
Zero Contact –– What you should have with this.
There Are No Saints –– Sinner corps.
Rite of the Shaman –– Dead to rites.
The Bob’s Burgers Movie –– Flip doodle.
A Chiara –– Chiara free.
Playlist –– Listless.
A Taste of Whale –– Meh Faroe.
Fanny: The Right to Rock –– Fanny over the hill.
Facing Nolan –– Jacked Ryan.
A spoof of the film Downton Abbey: A New Era with Isobel (Penelope WIlton) and Violet (Maggie Smith) looking aghast at Machine Gun Kelly smoking a bong in Good Mourning.Downton Abbey: A New Era –– Crawly.
Good Mourning –– Pot lack.
Men –– Yahoo male.
Emergency –– Emetic alert.
Family Camp –– Prayer goop.
Fire in the Mountains –– Whiffs.
Digger –– Hole schmear.
A New Old Play –– Drama turds.
Mondocane –– Heat waif.
Hold Your Fire –– Itchy trigger figure.
Cane Fire –– Kauaʻi not.
The Race to Alaska –– When hull freezes over.
Spoff of the film Firestarter showing Any McGee (Zac Efron) roasting a weiner on the flames atop the head of screen daughter  Charlie (Ryan Kiera Armstrong.) Firestarter –– Gutter snipe.
Pleasure –– Pain.
Montana Story –– Big sigh country.
On the Count of Three –– The old one, two punk.
Shark Bait –– Chum change.
Monstrous –– Screw up your face.
Homebound –– Get outta here!
The Last Victim –– Exit wounds.
Foxhole –– Don’t dig.
No Vacancy –– Except behind the eyes.
The Innocents –– Blame-worthy.
Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story –– NOLA contendere.
This Much I Know to Be True –– Cave paining.
Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life –– Agassi discharge.
Castro’s Spies –– Demonstrated Fidelity.
Mau –– Jack it.
Spoof of the film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness with the title sorceror trying to make a Scarlet Witch of Hearts playing card disappear with instruciton from The Jerry Lewise Book of Tricks and Magic.Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness –– Moldy, worse.
Operation Mincemeat –– World of War cracked.
Shepherd –– Understaffed.
The Twin –– Double of nothing.
The Ravine –– Gully geez!
Black Site –– Site unseen.
Escape the Field –– Corn plastered.
Little Sorcerer –– Spellbombed.
Around the World in 80 Days –– Circumvent.
Suicide For Beginners –– Off the self.
Remembering Heaven –– During this Hell.
Happening –– Ain’t.
Lux Æterna –– Lox eternal.
Mascarpone –– Whipped.
In Front of Your Face –– In yours.
Reflection –– Looking glassy.
2000 Mules –– By 1 jackass.
Wuhan Wuhan –– Covers the spread.
Memory –– Lame.
Hatching –– Shell shuck.
Firebird –– Gays off into space.
The Sound of Violet –– Purple pros.
The Aviary –– Caw workout.
Green Ghost and the Masters of the Stone –– Lucha askance.
Peace by Chocolate –– Cocoa buffs.
Vortex –– Flaw and eddy.
Anaïs in Love –– Anaïs guys finish last.
Black Box –– Crash padded.
Gate to Heaven –– Pearly riser.
Fiddler’s Journey to the Big Screen –– Shtetl for less.
Hello, Bookstore –– Volume knob.
The Will to See –– I lack.
Spoof of the film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent with star Nicolas Cage as Nick Cage wearing a crude cage filled with bed bugs over his head.The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent –– Guilted Cage.
The Northman –– Scandi ass.
The Bad Guys ––
9 Bullets –– Conk shells.
Marvelous and the Black Hole –– But mostly black hole.
Unplugging –– Powerless.
The Duke –– Goya beans.
Stanleyville –– Vie, oh why?
Petite Maman –– Fille: the pain.
Saturday Fiction –– Sino desperation.
Charlotte –– Wimpdom of Salomon.
The White Fortress –– Parapetetic.
Take Me to the River: New Orleans –– Dunk irk.
The Revolution Generation –– What a revolting development.
Spoof of the film Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore with star Jude Law in a phallic 'wand fight 'with ex-lover Gellert Grindelwald (Mads Mikkelson.)Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore –– Dumb'll adore.
Father Stu –– Beefs Stu.
We’re All Going to the World’s Fair –– Exhibition impossible.
Dual –– Tears of a clone.
Chariot –– Reborn yesterday.
The Cellar –– Abasement tapes.
Room 203 –– Key feuds.
To Olivia –– Roald dull.
Paris, 13th District –– Skid rue.
Eiffel –– Tower record.
The Tale of King Crab –– Scuttle butt.
Father –– Pop quiz.
Good Life –– Greece stains.
Spoof of the film Ambulance with the star Jake Gyllenhaal on a gurney about to be given oxygen by director Maichael Bay as an EMT.Ambulance –– Running on EMT.
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 –– Close but no Sega.
All the Old Knives –– Whet work.
As They Made Us –– Poorly, that is.
Agent Games –– Moledy.
High Expectations –– Are unwarranted.
Coast –– Downhill.
What? –– Never mind.
Memoria –– Forgettier.
–– Fissure.
The Girl and the Spider –– Little Miss Muff It.
Donbass –– Ewwcraine.
Poppy Field –– Sick Poppy.
¡Viva Maestro! –– Dudaful.
a-ha: the Movie –– Take off me.
Cow –– Udder nonsense.
The Case for Heaven –– Kingdom glum.
A spoof of the film Morbius with Jared Leto as the title vampire looking at the viewer after he's sucked the blood from the neck of himself as Paolo Gucci in House of Gucci.Morbius –– Vein search.
The Contractor –– This goon for hire.
Kicking Blood –– Hooked line and stinker.
Bull –– Run!
Let the Wrong One In –– Admit your wrong.
Madelines –– Muddle lines.
Dakota –– Funning.
Every Last Secret –– Whisper thin.
The Devil You Know –– Hell no.
Barbarians –– As they grate.
You Won’t Be Alone –– Except in theatre playing this.
Nitram –– Tasmanian devil.
Midnight –– Too little too late.
The Rose Maker –– You can bring a whore to culture…
Gargarine –– Like gangrene.
Waterman –– Surf’s down.
Spoof of the film The Lost City with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum in dirty and tattered clothes, looking dazed, walking away from a smoldering cityscape past a sign that reads Leaving Detroit.The Lost City –– City snickers.
Everything Everywhere All at Once –– Mess appeal.
Infinite Storm –– Shit Storm.
You Are Not My Mother –– Dead parent joke.
Mothering Sunday –– Mother chucker.
So Cold the River –– So small the nuts.
Dingo – Don’ go.
Man of God –– Priestly garble.
Superior –– To what?
Topside –– Holey crap.
Wood and Water –– Flotsam.
Stunt Rock –– Stunted rock.
The Last Glaciers –– Batty melt.
100 Years of Men in Love: The Accidental Collection –– Dearth to smoochy.
King Otto –– Otto manic shift.
The Outfit –– Seams like old times.
X –– Marks the squat.
Umma –– Dumma.
Master –– Of none.
Alice –– Alas.
Tethered –– Unstrung.
Expired –– Passed dude.
Measure of Revenge –– Against the audience.
The Hater –– That would be me.
Panama –– Hate.
Jujutsi Kaisen O: The Movie –– Animeniacs.
Vive L’Amour –– Vive: loss vagueness.
Ahed’s Knee –– Quit while you’re Ahed.
The Guide –– Utterly lost.
Jane by Charlotte –– Birkin stock.
The Torch –– Pass The Torch.
The Quest for Sleep –– Ends here.
Spoof of the animated film Turning Red with the main character Meilin in front of the giant panda with sanitary pad face markings and a white tampon string proceeding from her mouth.Turning Red –– Dat's the period.
Gold –– Dust.
Ultrasound –– Extremely unsound.
The Exorcism of God –– The rite stuffed.
All My Friends Hate Me –– Consider me a friend.
OffSeason –– Island chopping.
Outsiders –– All in.
Tyson’s Run –– Chicken Run.
Ash & Dust –– A la mote.
Fear –– Afraid so.
I Am Here –– Stay away.
Playing in the FM Band: The Steve Post Story –– Post hates.
Spoof of the film The Batman with the classic comic book Robin running aware from the dark, bloody-handed movie Batman yelling 'Holy Moral Equivalency!'The Batman –– Batman and rotten.
After Yang –– Up the ying Yang.
The Changed –– Alter buoy.
Asking For It –– Nobody was.
Take Back the Night –– You can have it.
A Day to Die –– Feels like two.
Adventures in Success –– Episodes in failure.
Great Freedom –– Penile reform.
Huda’s Salon –– Huda heck?
Nightride –– Clod dealer.
Dear Mr. Brody –– High roller.
Spoof of the film Cyrano with the star appearing as the nose of the classical Cyrano de Bergerac character.Cyrano –– Cue card.
Studio 666 –– Boo fighters.
Desperate Riders –– Horse pills.
Gasoline Alley –– Sump pump.
Big Gold Brick –– Goldbricks.
The Desperate Hour –– Followed by pathetic 24 minutes.
Butter –– Fat or fiction.
I’ll Find You –– Not in a theatre.
Family Squares –– Zooming and dooming.
Let Me Be Me –– You and cry.
Servants –– Novice wreck.
The Burning Sea –– Like oil and water.
My Best Part –– Role over and play dead.
Spoof of the film Uncharted with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg reading a Mapquest printout for dirctions that has led them off a cliff.Uncharted –– Non compass mentis.
Dog –– Tired.
The Cursed –– Spillage of the damned.
King Knight –– Witch lists.
Strawberry Mansion –– Weak twee.
The Ledge –– A ledged wrongdoing.
Incarnation –– Flesh dense.
Ted K –– Run!
A Banquet –– Spread thin.
Pursuit –– Cold hard catch.
Streamline –– Stroke victim.
The Last Bus –– A short one.
Downfall: The Case Against Boeing –– Bail lout.
Gridlocked: On Tour With the Briggs –– Briggs’ sty.
Spoof of the film Death in the Nile as Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot studies his iPhone to determone why his actors Russell Bran, Armie Hammer, Gal Gadot and Letitia Wright are accused of online 'crimes'.Death on the Nile –– Nile and void.
Marry Me –– Tie the nuts.
Blacklight –– Reveals bacteria.
Give or Take –– Cape clod.
Supercool –– Sub-zero stars.
The Sky is Everywhere –– And empty.
What About Love –– Wad about love.
Student Body –– Class see felony.
Cosmic Dawn –– Dead wake.
Those Who Walk Away –– Are lucky.
Catch the Fair One –– Foul territory.
Here Before –– Deject vu.
Indemnity –– Dumbbell Indemnity.
Playground –– Slide rules.
The Battle at Lake Changjin II –– Changjin places.
Fabian: Going to the Dogs –– Arf-hearted.
The Pact –– Pact with empty carbs.
Ronnie’s –– Riff to shreds.
The Unmaking of a College –– Nuke Hampshire.
A spoof mashup of the filmes Moonfall and Jackass Forever showing Johnny Knoxville pulling a rope to release a large replica of the moon to fall on the unsuspecting head of astronaut John Bradley.Moonfall –– Fool moon.
Jackass Forever –– Stunt muffin’.
The Prey: Legend of Karnoctus –– Hasn’t a preyer.
Ghosts of the Ozarks –– Arcane sore.
The Wrong High School Sweetheart –– Class dissed miss.
Last Survivors –– Dud enders.
The Long Night –– Sleep it off.
The Wolf and the Lion –– Den muthas.
Last Looks –– Glance harm strong.
Alone With You –– Glum together.
The Other Me –– Also a drag.
The Worst Person in the World –– Directed this.
Lingui, the Sacred Bonds –– Chadian Cathy.
The Whaler Boy –– Blubber check.
Air Doll –– Deflating.
Only Fools Rush In –– To a theatre to see this.
Breaking Bread –– Flat Bread.
Wallace Shawn and Woody Allen check out Yeen Vogue magazine under the title Creepy Old Men.Rifkin’s Festival –– Allen thick.
Shortbus –– Long bust.
They/Them/Us –– Pain in the rearing.
Clean –– Dumb and dirty.
The Requin –– Reekin'.
Sundown –– From dusk to down.
A Taste of Hunger –– Hole foods.
Compartment No. 6 –– Not a sleeper.
Brighton 4th –– Brooklyn dodgy.
Charli XCX: Alone Together –– Charli hoarse.
The Conductor –– Baton ruse.
GameStop: Rise of the Players –– Not remotely interesting.
Betty White as an angel with a wind-up chattering teeth toy as a halo over her head.Betty White: A Celebration –– S’no White.
The Tiger Rising –– Puss in cahoots.
Redeeming Love –– For no points.
The King’s Daughter –– Princess disgrace.
Simple Passion –– Passion faux pas.
Warhunt –– Doesn’t Warhunt your attention.
The Laureate –– Graves mistake.
A Shot Through the Wall –– Wall banging.
The Olive Tree of Justice –– Olive drab.
Introduction –– Bye weakly.
Stop-Zemlia –– Stop!
Salt in My Soul –– Saline solution.
Spoof if the film Scream with the Ghostface holding a bloodied knife slackly in one hand as he holds the other over his elongated yawning mouth while Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) shrugs.Scream –– Of the crap.
Ray Donovan: The Movie –– Liev it be.
Sesame Street –– Brought to you by the letter F.
Shattered –– No shard feelings.
The Free Fall –– Drops off.
Arctic Void –– Site for sore ice.
Italian Studies –– Scoula rock.
Belle –– Dumb Belle.
Delicious –– Mean cuisine.
A Cops and Robbers Story –– Arrest assured.
Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America –– Backstreet bias.

Spoof of the film The 355 with stars Lupita Nyong'o and Jessica Chastain holding a can of Whole Foods house brand- nspired The 355 Spy Stew Organic Whup-Ass at gunpoint.The 355 –– So-what team.
The Legend of La LLorona –– Weepy-crawly.
The Kindred –– Children of the corny.
See For Me –– Hind sight.
The Commando –– Hangs loose.
A Hero –– Debtor than a doornail.
June Again –– June bugs.
King Car –– Bare grilles.


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