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The March sisters of Little Women are not big enough for the emotional rollercoaster.Little Women –– Average Jo.
1917 –– Combat boost.
Spies in Disguise –– And Disgust.
Ice Princess Lily –– Lily padded.
Just Mercy –– Just so-so.
Clemency –– Steer clear.
The Apparition –– Immaterial.
Ip Man 4: The Finale –– Ip to be square.
The Song of Names –– Bow bridges.
Chichinette: The Accidental Spy –– Cohn of silence.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker –– Jedi of boredom.
Cats –– Snapped.
She’s Missing –– Won't be Missed.
Only Cloud Knows –– Rain of error.
Invisible Life –– No visible means of support.
The Europeans –– Ex-pats on the back.
Richard Jewell –– Man of fuse words.
Bombshell –– News fizz.
Jumanji: The Next Level –– Game shit match.
Uncut Gems –– Plays facet and loose.
Black Christmas –– Santa crudes.
The Death and Life of John F. Donovan –– Donovan’s queef.
A Hidden Life –– Malick symbols.
Seberg –– Jean therapy.
Colewell –– PO boxed.
Ernesto’s Manifesto –– Ernest? No.
6 Underground –– Not far enough.
Rabid –– Dog.
Line of Descent –– Halfway Descent.
The Great War –– Affront lines.
Hell on the Border –– Out of bounds.
Mob Town –– Mob and go.
Code 8 –– 8 dirt.
Spiral Farm –– Cork screwed.
Cunningham –– Merce-less.
The Aeronauts –– Floats an air basket.
Playmobil: The Movie –– Lego my leg.
A Million Little Pieces –– Fishy Frey.
Daniel Isn’t Real –– A Dan shame.
The Wolf Hour –– Howl and why?
The Islands –– Hopeless cays.
I See You –– Hide of stupidity.
In Fabric –– Duds.
Little Joe –– Bud ugly.
Portrait of a Lady on Fire –– A posing farce.
The Disappearance of My Mother –– Mommy, Disappearist.
Midnight Family –– EMT threats.
Chris Evans, Daniel Craig and Jamie Lee Curtis in Knives Out carve up a hammy Peter Ustinov as Hercule PoirotKnives Out –– Ten little idiots.
The Two Popes –– Popes on the ropes.
Queen & Slim –– The bigot’s loser.
The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open –– Cracked.
Locusts –– Swarm and fuzzy.
The Man in the Trunk –– Fudge packer.
Tremors –– Shaken, not stirred.
My Friend the Polish Girl –– Polish off.
Away –– Return thicket.
Melody Makers –– Rock paper jizzers.
63 Up –– Old overs.
After Parkland –– Shots and prayers.
Elsa as Frozen 2 Treet being squeezedFrozen II –– The bone.
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood –– Rogers and hard.
Dark Waters –– Taint nobodies business.
21 Bridges –– Never crossed my mind.
Hala –– Tosis.
Angelfish –– Ugghs and kisses.
The Courier –– Deliver us from evil.
3022 –– Cosmic dust.
Age Out –– Moan and grown.
Varda By Agnés –– Agnés da nil.
Citizen K –– K plop.
Shooting the Mafia –– Dons with death.
When Lambs Become Lions –– Bleed between the lions.
Saint Cloud Hill –– Too tents.
Depeche Mode: Spirits in the Forest –– Depeche cobbler.
Christian Bale and Matt Damon in a spoof of Ford v FerrariFord v Ferrari –– Total drag race.
Charlie’s Angels –– Reboot licker.
The Report –– Redactulous.
Mickey and the Bear –– Mickey rook.
Waves –– Bye-bye!
Line of Duty –– Duty flee.
The Shed –– Shed.
The Good Liar –– Fib bit.
The Warrior Queen of Jihansi –– Royal jelly.
Atlantics –– Dakar wreck.
White Snake –– Actually wish it was the band.
I Lost My Body –– Corporal rank.
Scandalous: The True Story of the National Enquirer –– Tab of acid.
Autonomy –– Drive shaft.
Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project –– One Stokes over the line.
The Hottest August –– Stifling descent.
To Kid or Not to Kid –– Fecund thoughts.
Everybody’s Everything –– Peeps show.
Shakira in Concert: El Dorado World Tour –– Crock of gold.
John Fogerty: 50 Year Trip - Live at Red Rocks –– Don't lend Creedence.
Ewan McGregor in Doctor SleepDoctor Sleep –– Where the son don’t Shine.
Midway –– Between Bad and Terrible.
Marriage Story –– Split faced.
Last Christmas –– Noel exit.
Love Is Blind –– This is deaf and dumb.
Honey Boy –– Sticky.
Sunday Girl –– On the seventh day she jests.
Playing With Fire –– Dead singe.
Klaus –– But no cigar.
Racetime –– Sled astray.
Crown Vic –– Itty and the cruiser.
Cold Brook –– Up a creek.
Primal –– Scream!
Danger Close –– Combat droops.
Better Days –– There’d have to be.
My Dear Liar –– Doi story.
The Kingmaker –– Marcos robby.
Mr. Toilet: The World’s #2 Man –– Streaming service.
16 Bars –– Jailhouse rot.
Slayer: The Relentless Killogy –– Slayer cake.
The All-Americans –– Least LA.
Disco’d –– Duck!

The Irishman –– Hoffa in the bag.
Terminator: Dark Fate –– Sour Connors.
Motherless Brooklyn –– Tourette’s trap.
Harriet –– Rub-a-dub-Tubman.
Adopt a Highway –– Roadside detraction.
Light From Light –– Light on entertainment.
Cubby –– Hole.
Inside Game –– Ruthless b-ball.
Redoubt –– Barney rubble.
Earthquake Bird –– Shake 'n' beak.
Crepitus –– Crap is us.
Arctic Dogs –– Chilly dogs.
Queen of Hearts –– Son-in-ma.
The Etruscan Smile –– Goes against the grin.
Mrs. Lowry & Son –– Manchester benighted.
Bloody Marie –– Marie curious.
American Dharma –– Skeeve Bannon.
The Rise of Jordan Peterson –– PC games.
To Be of Service –– Vet between the ears.
The Portal –– Door stop.
Classic Halloween Films: Monster Rally 2019

The Current War: Director’s Cut –– Short circuits.
The Kill Team –– Troop confessions.
Black and Blue –– Police squat.
Paradise Hills –– A vacant lot.
Burning Cane –– Rot sugar.
The Reliant –– Trust buster.
The Great Alaskan Race –– Mush.
Countdown –– To one zero.
Girl on the Third Floor –– Floor wacker.
The Gallows Act II –– Hung out to die.
Frankie –– Valley.
Synonyms –– Same difference.
Farming –– Plough through it.
Western Stars –– Utter Boss.
Mountaintop –– Ass cap.
No Safe Spaces –– Getting a PC signal.
Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound –– Foley squares.
Going Attractions: The Definitive Story of the Movie Palace ––Theatre woe.
The characters Maleficent and Ingrith from the film Maleficent: Mistress of Evil as Betty and VeronicaMaleficent: Mistress of Evil –– Your heinous.
Zombieland: Double Tap –– Deathless pros.
The Lighthouse –– Beacon Hell.
Jojo Rabbit –– Hitler youth.
Greener Grass –– Sod buster.
By the Grace of God –– Dieu point average.
Cyrano My Love –– Should nose better.
The Addams Family –– Ookie dookie.
Gemini Man –– Twin killing.
Jexi –– Siri, wrong number.
The Sky Is Pink –– Pink slip.
High Strung Free Dance –– Like Elaine Benes’.
The King –– Hal Prince.
Up There –– Like proctoscopy.
Emanuel –– Labor.
Lucky Day –– Fortune slimes upon us.
Fronteras –– Border coolie.
Mary –– Ketch and kill.
Harpoon –– Point of no return.
Along Came the Devil II –– Bore you to death.
100 Acres of Hell –– Spread too thin.
The Dead Center –– Smack drab in the middle.
Ghost Busters (1984) –– Throws shades.
Parasite –– Corporeal clinger.
Family History –– Has a familia ring to it.
Gundermann –– Stasi dull man.
Mister America –– Hump DA.
Gift –– Return it.
S&M2 –– Smacks of desperation.
Fantastic Fungi –– Mushroom clout.
Joaquin Phoenix rides a unicycle and juggles brains in a spoof of the movie JokerJoker –– From the bottom of the dreck.
Dolemite Is My Name –– Nom de playa.
Lucy in the Sky –– With demons.
Pretenders –– Make believe bore room.
Collisions –– Crash taste dummies.
Low Tide –– I can smell.
The Parts You Lose –– Cast wishes it was these.
Cuck –– Old.
Wallflower –– Shy…of a load.
My Soul to Keep –– Robber soul.
Dilili in Paris –– Dilili-dally.
Pain and Glory –– But mostly pain.
The Climbers –– Will they ever rest?
The Battle of Jangsari –– Inchoen towards the exit.
My People, My Country –– Blecch China.
Gregory’s Girl –– Lass and least.
Wrinkles the Clown –– Make-up test.
Memory: The Origins of Alien –– Chest-bluster.
Celebration –– Laurent mutton.
Roger Waters: Us + Them –– Punk Floyd.
Judy –– Pungent Judy.
Abominable –– Frothy the Snowman.
The Laundromat –– Spin out of control.
The Death of Dick Long –– Schlong-winded.
The Day Shall Come –– When I can forget this.
The True Don Quixote –– Tilting at windbags.
Sister Aimee –– McPherson struts.
Nineteen Summers –– Old enough to revolt.
Prey –– Hunter bitin'.
Obsession –– Jones down.
Bliss –– Too little to elate.
10 Minutes Gone –– Balds to the wall.
The Golden Glove –– Pub creepy crawl.
Sink or Swim –– Or tread water.
Nothing to Lose 2 –– Except my patience.
Série Noire –– Plumb noir depths.
Anthropocene: The Human Epoch –– Anthro: po' logic.
Jim Allison: Breakthrough –– Cells short.
Ad Astra with Brad Pitt being hugged by Astro froom The JetsonsAd Astra –– Auto-correct Ed Asner.
Downton Abbey –– The silver server.
Rambo: Last Blood –– Splatter puss.
Zeroville –– Nothing doing.
Corporate Animals –– Company loves misery.
Auggie –– Aw, gee!
The Wedding Year –– Turd mates.
American Dreamer –– Deride share.
Villains –– Rough rotters.
Bloodline –– Trait wins.
3 From Hell –– Carrion baggage.
Running With the Devil ––Hot to trot.
Loro –– Silvio burlesque only.
Britt-Marie Was Here –– Coach bag.
Tazza: One-Eyed Jack –– Poker in the eye.
The Last Wish –– Burn the negative.
Send Me to the Clouds –– Cumulo numb us.
Midnight Diner –– Friday night snack down.
Midnight Traveler –– Talibandon all hope.
Where’s My Roy Cohen –– Asked Satan.
Don’t Be Nice –– Recommend this film.
Hustlers –– Comic strips.
The Goldfinch –– Flip the bird.
Neither Wolf Nor Dog –– Yes, Dog.
The Weekend –– How about the weak beginning and middle?
The Sound of Silence –– I won’t hear of it.
3 Days With Dad –– Wears poppa …out.
Can You Keep a Secret –– I slept through this.
Scarborough –– Fair.
Riot Girls –– I laughed at them.
Freaks –– Odd dead fellows.
Depraved –– Wearied sick.
Seeds –– Of doubt.
Chained for Life –– Rears its ugly head.
The Harvesters –– Reaper madness.
Another Day of Life –– Wasted.
Monos –– D-Monos.
Cracked Up –– Hammond aches.
Chasing Einstein –– With a flyswatter.
Liam Gallagher: As It Was –– Oasis wild.
Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements –– Hard of seeing.
Pennywise from It Chapter Two as a balloon about to be poppedIt Chapter Two –– Clown aground.
Night Hunter –– Stalk raving mad.
Ms. Purple –– Purple pose.
Last Call –– Suicide kink.
Ága –– Con.
Edie –– A mount to nothing.
Official Secrets spoof ad with Keira Knightley and Matt SmithOfficial Secrets –– Whistling ditsy.
Don’t Let Go –– Clench your cheeks.
The Load –– Drop the Load.
Before You Know It –– You’re asleep.
Bennett's War –– Motorcycle glop.
Angel of Mine –– Gag daughter.
Itsy Bitsy –– Shitsy Bitsy.
Spider in the Web –– Strand pat.
Tabernacle 101 –– Give the Devil his douche.
Killerman –– Amnausea.
The Fanatic –– Fan drool.
Raise Hell: The Life and Times of Molly Ivins –– Ivins: the terrible.
Angel Has Fallen –– On hard times.
Brittany Runs a Marathon –– Carp loading.
Overcomer –– Better, then nothing.
Ready or Not –– Not.
Jacob’s Ladder –– Bottom rung.
Hot Air –– AM: Eff ‘em.
Parallel Chords –– Minor Chords.
Vita & Virginia ––Simper Woolf.
Give Me Liberty –– Sure leave.
Tigers Are Not Afraid –– What’s up, pushy cat?
Les Démons –– Demon seedy.
Genèse –– Schnook of Genesis.
Friedkin Uncut –– Friedkin ridiculous.
American Factory –– Widget wrestling.
Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool –– Frequent fryer Miles.
Jawline –– Cheeky by jowl.
Fiddler: A Miracle of Miracles –– Goes through the Roof.
Where'd You Go Bernadette with Cate BlanchettWhere’d You Go, Bernadette –– Bernadette peters out.
The Angry Birds Movie 2 –– Avian pox.
47 Meters Down: Uncaged –– Deep sea doodles.
Good Boys –– Tool kids.
Blinded By the Light –– Cold Bruce.
Apocalypse Now: Final Cut –– Nam de guerre.
Driven –– Off a cliff.
Adam –– Trans umm.
The Amazing Johnathan –– Sleight adjustment.
Aquarela –– Eddy wetter.
Cold Case Hammarskjöld –– Dag and pony show.
Gwen –– To quit.
Buñuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles –– Luis seek qué?
The Kitchen with Elisabeth Moss, Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany HaddishThe Kitchen –– Sinks.
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark –– Volume wan.
Dora and the Lost City of Gold –– Fraud explorer.
The Peanut Butter Falcon –– Spread eagle?
The Art of Racing in the Rain –– Skid woe.
Dying to Survive –– Liver disease.
Brian Banks –– Overdrawn Banks account.
After the Wedding –– Honeymoon in vagueness.
One Child Nation –– China dull.
Nekrotronic –– Modelo Nekro.
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw –– Hobbs: skip and jump.
The Nightingale –– Trill kill.
Luce –– Cut Luce.
Them That Follow –– We can’t.
Piranhas –– Nippy hustle.
The Flower –– Flor sample.
Ladyworld –– She-sh!
Once Upon a Time in …Hollywood –– Manson with the stars.
Skin –– White wacker.
The Mountain –– Fit of peak.
Tel Aviv on Fire –– PLO the belt.
Honeyland –– Hive drain.
Jirga –– Tear Jirga.
For Sama –– Same old Sama old.
Mike Wallace Is Here –– Wallace and vomit.
Angels Are Made of Light –– Kabul dog.
Be Happy! –– It’s not playing near you.
See You Soon –– In a pig’s eye.
The Ground Beneath My Feet –– What’s shaking.

The Lion King –– Mane break.
Rosie –– Oh, grating.
Luz –– Lose.
A Faithful Man –– Say cheats.
David Crosby: Remember My Name –– ‘Cause I can’t.
At War –– Peace of crap.
I Do Not Care If We Go Down in History as Barbarians –– Better than Keep America Great.
Supervized –– Pooperheroes.
Bottom of the 9th –– Yer out!
Purge of Kingdoms –– GoT stuffed.
Unmarked –– Grave.
Into the Ashes –– Sooty slickers.

Stuber –– Stuber stank.
Crawl –– Gator raid.
The Farewell –– Bye and Bye!
The Art of Self-Defense –– Block shot.
Sword of Trust –– Whets itself.
Rojo –– Better dead than Red.
Ray & Liz –– Liz & dick.
Darlin’ –– Oh my! Darlin’.

Spider-Man: Far From Home –– Web unabled.
Midsommar –– Gnat's dream.
Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love –– Cohen optical.
The Return of Martin Guerre –– Grinds its Guerres.
The Other Story –– Hora Story.



Best Picture Nominees:

Black Panther –– Wakanda minimum.
BlacKkKlansman –– Hoodwanked.
Bohemain Rhapsody –– Mercury retrograde.
Green Book –– Tour loose.
The Favourite –– Flushing Queen's.
Roma –– Domestic disturbance.
A Star is Born –– Rotten in the stars.
Vice –– Cheney of fools.

Annabelle Comes Home –– Annabelle leave.
Yesterday –– Dung Beatles.
The Maiden –– On the voyage of a nervous breakdown.
The Chambermaid –– Tidy scum.
Ophelia –– Cheese Hamlet.
Euphoria –– Glee clubbed.
Three Peaks –– Peaks kill.
Toy Story 4 –– Out of plays.
Child’s Play –– Chucky roast.
Swinging Safari –– Ozholes.
Wild Rose –– Screecher comforts.
The Command –– Loses it.
The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir –– Fakir news.
Burn Your Maps –– Off the charts.
Nightmare Cinema –– RIP snorter.
Anna –– Lucwarm Besson.
Men In Black International –– MIB life crisis.
Shaft –– MF eh?
The Dead Don’t Die –– Dead panned.
Hampstead –– Heath and hers.
In the Aisles –– Shelf help.
American Woman –– Granny Am.
The Reports of Sarah and Saleem –– Saleem at a discount.
Being Frank –– Frank lesser.
Head Count –– Tally hole.
Our Time –– Bull-plucky.
Daughter of the Wolf –– Thrown for a loup.
Plus One –– Minus me.
Vault –– Cryptic.
Deep Murder –– Sudden depth.
Saving Flora –– Flora and fawner.
The Outsider –– And stay out!
Dark Phoenix –– Phoenix AZzzzz.
The Secret Life of Pets 2 –– Braining cats and dogs.
Late Night –– Talk show hosed.
Pavarotti –– Problem arias.
Leto –– Russo rock.
Katie Says Goodbye –– Katie dud.
Papi Chulo –– Papi yawn.
Framing John DeLorean –– Car-plunk.
This One’s for the Ladies –– Strip stakes.
Elton John and Kim Jong-un in RocketmanRocketman –– John snow.
Godzilla: King of the Monsters –– Rex havoc.
Ma –– Yo-yo Ma.
Too Late to Die Young –– But still, die.
Always Be My Maybe –– Maybe not.
The Fall of the American Empire –– Montreal expose.
Domino –– Spotted dick.
Mouthpiece –– Maw and poor.
Yomeddine –– Leper for joy.
The Garden –– Down in the weeds.
Find Me –– Get lost.
Leaving Home, Coming Home: A Portrait of Robert Frank –– Frank footer.
For the Birds –– Feather duster.
Loners –– Sole low.
Aladdin–– Genie splicing.
Brightburn –– A lad insane.
Booksmart –– Filmdumb.
Diamantino –– Soccer puppet.
Funny Story –– Anecdope.
Echo in the Canyon –– Laurel and hardly.
The Poison Rose –– Tiny pricks.
The Cold Blue –– Wild Bill hiccup.
Assimilate –– Dupe addicts.
Avengement –– Sucker for punishment.
The Spy Behind Home Plate –– Catch some Zs.
That Pärt Feeling: The Universe of Arvo Pärt –– Private Pärt.
Woodstock: Three Days That Defined a Generation –– The credo will rock.
Barbara Rubin & the Exploding NY Underground –– Rubin the wrong way.
Halston –– Designer bland,
The Tomorrow Man –– Old softie.
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum –– Hits bottom.
A Dog’s Journey –– Dorky style.
The Professor –– Lesson zero.
The Souvenir –– Affair and square.
The Sun Is Also a Star –– Tinkle, tinkle.
The Meanest Man in Texas –– Ornery degree.
A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Armageddon –– Hairy shearer.
We Have Always Lived in the Castle –– Keep to oneself.
Aniara –– Mars arbiter.
Photograph –– Shutter stock.
The Unseen –– If you’re lucky.
Trial By Fire –– Fire hosed.
All Creatures Here Below –– KC jones.
Perfect –– Flaw model.
Pokémon Detective Pikachu –– Smug rat.
Hustle –– Con academy.
Poms –– Boms.
Tolkien –– Force of Hobbit.
Wine Country –– Dies on the vine.
The Biggest Little Farm –– Comes a cropper.
Pasolini –– Pierless.
The Professor and the Madman –– Laxicography.
All is True –– False equivalency.
General Magic –– Spell grant.
Charlie Says –– Little man, Tate.
My Son –– That win slow boy.
Asako I & II –– Stick Asako in it.
The Serengeti Rules –– Serengeti pain.
The Silence of Others –– Franco and earnest.
Long Shot –– Foul pol.
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile –– A tad Bundy.
UglyDolls –– Pewkie dolls.
The Intruder –– Invade a minute!
El Chicano –– Pig Latinx.
Shadow –– Pan umbra.
Non-Fiction –– Trite and true.
Tell It to the Bees –– Forced buzzing.
Knock Down the House –– Demo crass.
Bolden –– Cornet ol’ man.
Meeting Gorbachev –– Not one Red sent.
Clara –– Pwn stars.
Ask Dr. Ruth –– Sex kiddin’.
The Dirty Kind –– The Dirty dozin’.
Bardo Blues –– Thai in knots.
The Convent –– Having nun of it.
Dead Trigger –– Finger feud.
Avengers: Endgame –– A little on Thanos.
The White Crow –– Fruity Nureyev.
Body at Brighton Rock –– Park deranger.
J.T. Leroy –– Hoax and heifers.
Ploey –– Ker-Ploey!
I Trapped the Devil –– Hell bound.
Carmine Street Guitars –– Plucky loser.
Scary Stories –– Tale chaser.
Know Your Enemy –– Randy Feldman directed this.
Marilyn –– Man son.
If the Dancer Dances –– Merciless Cunningham.
Sprinter –– Winded.
Disneynature: Penguins –– Ice bird lettuce.
Breakthrough –– Christian amen poor.
The Curse of La Llorona –– Cheapie crawly.
Little Woods –– Frack this.
Under the Silver Lake –– LA shams.
Hail Satan? –– Base gets own movie?
Drunk Parents –– Hell raisers.
Rafiki –– Much lez.
Red Joan –– Defective.
Fast Color –– Bleeding awful.
Daddy Issues –– Pimple papa.
Grass –– Chronic bake ache.
Breaking Habits –– Jones town.
Family –– Fam fiction.
Stuck –– Tight nit group.
Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché –– Deafening silents.
Instant Dreams –– Lost in development.
Hellboy –– Beat Red.
Mary Magdalene –– Holy unnecessary.
Missing Link –– Weak Link.
The Man Who Killed Don Quixote –– Panza division.
Stockholm –– Held to pay.
Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy –– Shoots from the Ip.
Dogman –– Arf human.
After –– Shocks.
Her Smell –– Reek tragedy.
Little –– Mini dross.
Savage –– Gay of inches.
Penguin Highway –– Waddle they think of next?
Teen Spirit –– Like smells.
The Most Dangerous Year –– Boy girl, boy girl.
Billboard –– Off-road vehicle.
Mia and the White Lion –– Mia gulper.
Wild Nights With Emily –– Em dash.
A Dark Place –– Gloom county.
Satan & Adam –– Soul miss.
Shazam! –– Batson balls.
Pet Semetary –– Razz bury.
The Best of Enemies –– Rawly Durham.
High Life –– Waste High.
Peterloo –– Rally cap.
Amazing Grace –– Aretha to believe.
The Wind –– Blows.
The Public –– Rabble bored.
The Haunting of Sharon Tate –– Sharon stoned.
Storm Boy –– Lad in the day.
Dumbo –– A minor flap.
The Beach Bum –– Scuzzy port.
Unplanned –– Was there even a script?
Diane –– Dullard dishwater.
A Vigilante –– Redress code.
White Chamber –– Roomer has it.
Working Woman –– Handsy man.
The Chaperone –– Accompany you creep.
Screwball –– In the dirt.
The Brink –– Loses its edge.
We Are Columbine –– Drop shot.
Long Lost –– Find whine.
The Last –– Granny’s myth appalls.
Lost & Found –– Eire education.
Making Babies –– Bangers and mush.
Slut in a Good Way –– Cheap thrills.
Us –– And dim.
Cruel Intentions –– By all mean.
Triple Threat –– Thrice cooker.
Hotel Mumbai –– Inn trouble.
Dragged Across Concrete –- Pavement cracks.
Trading Paint –– Paint drips.
Out of Blue –– Blew in the face.
Relaxer –– Tranqs for the memories.
Sunset –– Bites the dusk.
Wonder Park –– Ride derails.
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase –– Drew: the short straw.
Captive State –– Chi blatter.
The Highwaymen –– Hit the road.
The Aftermath –– Hamburger helpless.
Ash Is Purest White –– Ash holes.
Starfish –– Nein to five.
The Mustang –– Yay or neigh?
Mission of Honor –– Stop-flight.
The Hummingbird Project –– Flit bit.
The Sex Trip –– As annoying as they come.
Iceman –– Dumbeth.
Chimera Strain –– Strain wreck.
Finding Steve McQueen –– On the skids.
Faith, Hope & Love –– Ain’t enough.
Captain Marvel –– Kreetins.
Triple Frontier –– Tri harder.
Gloria Bell –– Meh Bell.
The Kid –– Billy clubbed.
An Elephant Sitting –– On your face.
Black Mother
–– Jamaica out.
Babylon –– Babble on.
3 Faces –– Of evil.
I’m Not Here –– Me either.
Five Feet Apart –– Public display of infection.
Ferrante Fever –– Down memory Elena.
Greta –– Garble.
Climax –– Stupid as they come.
The Hole in the Ground –– Gap year.
Chaos Walking –– And talking.
Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral –– Bier blast.
Transit –– Sick.
Mapplethorpe –– Crotch shot.
Giant Little Ones –– Dumbo shrimp.
Woman at War –– Struggle bunny.
Level 16 –– Of 100.
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind –– Shoots the breeze.
We Die Young –– Van Damme shame.
Saint Judy –– Dead Wood.
Virginia Minnesota –– Virginia hams.
Pretty Broken –– Totally broken.
The Sower –– Sower grates.
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World –– Dragon drop.
The Changeover –– Asleep at the switch.
The Iron Orchard –– Pump soap.
Run the Race –– Back assward.
Total Dhamaal –– Dhamaal and dumber.
1st Summoning –– Last call.
2050 –– Robocrock.
Chesley Bonestell: A Brush With the Future –– Welcome mattes.
Alone/Together –– A separate piece.
My Stretch of Texas Ground –– Tex arcana.
Alita: Battle Angel –– Delete ‘er.
Isn’t It Romantic –– Plumper cracks.
Fighting With My Family –– Wrestle moanier.
Birds of Passage –– Feather dust-up.
Happy Death Day 2U –– Repetitive death syndrome.
Mega Time Squad –– Second hand smoked.
Patrick –– Pug ugly.
Hotel by the River –– Bank book.
Ruben Brandt, Collector –– Brandt echhs.
Sorry Angel –– Sorry everything.
Donnybrook –– Fight cluck.
A Tuba to Cuba –– Brass off.
The Maestro –– Composed heap.
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part –– Brick by prick.
What Men Want –– Not this.
The Prodigy –– Prodigious waste.
Cold Pursuit –– Chill lax.
Everybody Knows –– This sucks.
Lords of Chaos –– Anti mayhem.
To Dust –– Thou shalt not return.
The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot –– He slops fables.
Untogether –– Separate butt equal.
Berlin, I Love You –– Ick liebe dick.
The Gospel of Eureka –– Queer, no angels.
The Amityville Murders –– A murder of gross.
The Isle –– Ait is enough.
Miss Bala –– The whole Bala whacks.
Arctic –– Frost bites.
The Gandhi Murder –– Gandhi-coated.
Velvet Buzzsaw –– Rotomanure.
Piercing –– Whore frost.
The Wild Pear Tree –– Grow a pear.
Then Came You –– Upon the sheets.
Braid –– Twisted.
Sharkwater Extinction –– Murky fin.
Daughter of Mine –– No, Daughter of Mine!
The Golem –– The glum.
A Breath Away –– Expires.
The Unicorn –– Horn dog.
St. Bernard Syndicate –– Hound's toot.

Serenity –– No!
King of Thieves –– Old-ups.
The Kid Who Would Be King –– Junior bomb.
The Invisibles –– Reseen to believe.
The Image Book –– Yawn-look Godard.
The Final Wish –– These people never work again.
BTS World Tour Love Yourself in Seoul –– Or whack off in theatre.
In Like Flynn –– Comedy of Errol’s.
Heartlock –– Cell short.
King of Beasts –– Bottom lion.
To Err is Human –– Malpractice makes perfect.
Dead Ant –– Antyclimactic.
Jihadists –– Phully phanatic.

Glass –– Half empty.
The Heiresses –– Inherit the windy.
Dragon Ball Super: Broly –– Broly-proly.
Adult Life Skills –– Growners.
Don’t Come Back from the Moon –– The cratered affair.
The Last Man –– Survival of the skittish.
The Standoff at Sparrow Creek –– Creeky.
Unbridled –– Equine and crackers.
The Brawler –– Swing for defenses.
Split Lip –– Best of a bad punch.
What Is Democracy –– Foul poll.
Who Will Write Our History –– Annal fissure.
I Hate Kids –– And this movie.
An Acceptable Loss –– Pol dark.
Egg –– Ovabearing.
The Upside –– Down.
Replicas –– Double and nothing
A Dog’s Way Home –– Mutt flaps.
Touch Me Not –– Hands-off.
Ashes in the Snow –– Flake eerie.
Buffalo Boys –– Java jive.
The Aspern Papers –– You’ll need an aspirin.
Pledge –– Fratty acid.
Perfectos Desconocidos –– Unknown quantity.
Sgt. Will Gardner –– Vet between the ears.
Against the Clock –– Time bomb.
The Bouncer –– Let’s bounce.
Anthem of a Teenage Prophet –– Nut for Prophet.
Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom –– Normsnore.
The Untold Story –– Untold hardship.
Genesis 2.0 –– Wobbly mammoth.
Escape Room –– And theatre.
Eli –– Rot.
The Vanishing –– Poof! daddy.
State Like Sleep –– Winky-dink.
Rust Creek –– Iron deficiency.
American Hangman –– Noosefest.
Mojin: The Worm Valley –– Has no legs.

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