The Golem's Voice

The Golem, the classic mystical creature of Jewish lore, is boldly reimagined by celebrated cartoonist David G Klein in his new graphic novel, The Golem's Voice. Beautifully drawn and movingly written, this thrilling adventure resurrects the giant of legend to face the real-world terror of WWII.

Separated from his older brother as they flee the Nazis, Yakov encounters the mysterious Golem of Prague. Through “voices unheard” the two make a connection, and Yakov discovers his own inner resources and capacity for sacrifice, as they evade the Nazis in a tale of suffering and redemption.

This book combines fast-paced storytelling with
deeply-felt emotion and the detailed evocation of a dark time –– it will resonate with readers both young and old.

Enjoy a preview of the first 12 pages from this exciting tale below.

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Paperback • 114 pages • Black and White • 8.5"x11"

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