We attended and had a good time at the Brooklyn Book Festival on Sunday, September 16. We were at the Now What Media table 105 on Court Street between Tillary & Johnson Streets.

The Brooklyn Book Festival took place in and around
Brooklyn Borough Hall and Plaza 
209 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn NY 11201

We featured the essential follow-up to Gertrude's Follies:
Gertrude et Alice
More Cult Classics from the Golden Age of Comic Weirdness by Tom Hachtman. Follow the amorous and absurd adventures of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas as they simultaneously storm the ramparts of Jazz Age Paris and Punkalicious New York to unlock the mysteries of art, gender, and hash brownies.

And tub-thumped for:
Trump Tweets Alt-American History: 500 Years, 140 Characters at a Time
Our President shares his vast and unique knowledge of our Nation’s proud alternative heritage in a series of truly inspired tweets in this new collection. Drawing on his close study of several television documentaries and a collection of Classics Illustrated Comics, Donald J. Trump illuminates the key moments in the Panorama of Great Events such as he remembers them. Edited by Martin Kozlowski and L.K. Peterson with illustrations by Tom Hachtman.

We also pitched the riotous retrospective Talk to the Hair: A Look Back at the First 100 Days of the Trump Presidency and all of our other humor books and comics collections.

Creators Tom Hachtman, David G Klein, L.K. Peterson, and Martin Kozlowski were on hand to sign copies of their books. It was a sparkling day and we had tons of great conversations with the engaged and interestng attendees.

For more info on the Festival, visit the official site.

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