Trump Tweets Alt-American History
500 Years, 140 Characters at a Time

Our President shares his vast and unique knowledge of our Nation’s proud alternative heritage in a series of truly inspired tweets in this brand new collection. Drawing on his close study of several television documentaries and a collection of Classics Illustrated Comics that his father didn't make him sell until he was fourteen (he cleared $146), Donald J. Trump illuminates the key moments in the Panorama of Great Events such as he remembers them.

He reviews 500 years of U.S. History (more if you count the Pre-Columbusian Era), 140 characters at a time, with the signature wit and wisdom that have marked his Presidency. Every Mom and Dad will want to own this volume, if only to be reminded how great this country might have been. Every student will want to receive it as a cherished gift, if only to have another title to add to their midterm paper's bibliography.

These satirical tweets are in language that a scholar of any age (pre-School, Baby Einstein) will understand. With funny full-color drawings, just in case.

Read Trump's latest Alt-American History tweets on Twitter!

Edited by Martin Kozlowski & L.K. Peterson.
With illustrations by Tom Hachtman & Martin Kozlowski.

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President Donald J. Trump had always intended to teach a master class in Alt-American History at the prestigious Trump University, but the many commitments of his former busy life kept him from fulfilling that dream.

Now that he has more time on his hands after his record-breaking election, he has chosen to share his vast store of knowledge of our Nation’s proud heritage in a series of tweets that the U.S Department of Education has been honored to purchase as the cornerstone of our national social studies curriculum.

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Paperback • 120 pages • Color • 6"x9"

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