The Worm's Turn
Blazing Ballots
The Elephant Man
Abbott and Cruztello
The Passion of St. Andrew
Flame Duck
Blame Duck
Probe Bono
The Manafortian Candiate
White House of Horrors II
White House of Horrors
Think and Die
Hill Chill Double Bill
Barry Bonds
Previous Kozmic Pics

Spoof the movie poster for Blazing Saddles retitled Blazing Ballots and including Donald Trump as Big Chief Orange Bull and five Republican candidates in the 2022 Midterm Elections. They include Herschel Walker as the fake sheriff atop a rearing elephant, Blake Masters as the evil henchman to Dr. Oz selling Snake Oil Extract, J.D. Vance as Mongo taking a swing at a Democratic Donkey, and Kari Lake as the chanteuse who sings Treason of the Witch.

Artwork by Martin Kozlowski