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Ink in the Water

Cover art for the book Ink in the Water: A Selection of Editorial Illustrations Appearing in The Wave by Thomas Kerr.


Thomas Kerr, a long-time contributor to Inx and a friend of this website, has been publishing smart illustrations in his home-town newspaper for the last decade. He's just released a compilation of the best of this work in a handsome volume that would make a great gift for any fan of graphic commentary. Here's what he has to say about the book on his own site:

"Recently I've authored a book titled, Ink In The Water, featuring a selection 10 years of award winning illustration made for The Wave newspaper editorial page. The Wave is New York City's oldest weekly paper, founded in 1893. The selection chronicles diverse editorial subjects including caricature, social justice, and cultural touchstones. Each image is matched to a recollection providing some insight into why the illustration was made."

You can order on or with this link on blurb. We highly recommend this collection of beautifully drawn artwork that's both clever and cutting.