Go the F**k Back to Work!

Remember when America had the best Congress money could buy? Neither do we.

And lately, along with signifying nothing, the sound and fury coming out of the Capitol is accomplishing less than ever. That is when they aren't shuttung down the government.

So, as a public service, we offer these inspirational rhymes to not-so-gently remind Congress both why they’re less popular than cholera, cockroaches and colonoscopies* and what they’re supposed to be doing; proposing legislation, debating then passing (reasonable) laws, keeping the government running so we can have working roads and bridges, an army and some semblance of a functioning modern society. . . that kind of thing. Congress-y stuff. The stuff they were elected to do in the first place. You know, their f**king job.

This book may not nudge Congress into action any faster than Go the F**k to Sleep got wide-awake children into bed but, like that book's audience of weary parents, fed-up Americans may get some satisfaction from Go the F**k Back to Work's venting of their frustration.

*Public Policy Poll, January 10, 2013, as reported in the Washington Post. And this was just things on the list that started with the letter “c”.

L.K. Peterson is the author of Fairly Grim Tales: Bedtime Stories for the Rich and/or Famous and proprietor of the website Ant Farmer’s Almanac.

Tom Hachtman’s cartoons have appeared in Mad, Playboy, and The New Yorker. He’s the creator of the comic strip Gertrude's Follies.

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Hardcover • 24 Pages • Full Color • 5"x8"

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