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Thrill to the history of our POTUSes & their sidekicks: U.S.A. 02.


Gertrude's Follies

Put your hands together for clap in #105. And buy Gertrude et Alice.



Mexico's master of the mirthful menagerie. Ecce Feggorama #51.


Igor Trips

Cinch up your helmet and fall in for another freaky foray in Igor Trips.


Kristy the Clown

Hijinks with the White House's Lil' Rascals Spanky and His Gang.


Kristy the Clown

Get your Jersey on with the beloved insult pol Kristy the Clown.

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Martin Kozlowski
The Baby Bloomer
Winard Editorial
Ant Farmers Almanac
Celebrity Death Haiku
PK in the Terrarium
Illustrated Courtroom

Critic's Corner by E. Basil St. Blaise

Spoof of the film Locked Down with Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor wearing face masks as they steal Clean Getaway Hand Sanitizer on a TV screen as Josef the Affenpinscher and critic E. Basil St. Blaise watch with their face masks covering their eyes.Locked Down –– Quarantoon.
American Skin –– Thin Skin.
Our Friend –– Unfriend.
Baby Done –- Baby dumb.
No Man’s Land –– Grody to the Mex.
Brothers by Blood –– Type ‘Oh, negative!’
Psycho Goreman –– Roger, Goreman.
Atlantis –– Sinks without trace.
Identifying Features –– Facile recognition.
Spoor –– Loser.
Preparations to be Together For an Unknown Period of Time
–– More pretentious than the title.
You Will Die at Twenty –– Minutes in.
Notturno –– False notte.
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Caricature of TigerWoods in the documentary Tiger.Tiger (HBO) –– Hell Woods.
Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer (Netflix) –– Murder plod.
Lupin (Netflix) –– Arse in Lupin.
Coyote (CBS All Access) –– Coyote ugly.
Call Your Mother (ABC) –– An overbearing cow.
All Creatures Great and Small (PBS) –– All vet.
Blood of Zeus (Netflix) –– GadZeus!
The Great North (FOX) –– Cold hard crash.
History of Swear Words (Netflix) –– Pure #%*@!
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West Side Story –– Shark's kin shoots.
Jagged Little Pill
–– Bananas Morissette.
A Christmas Carol
–– Death to Scroogie.
The Inheritance
–– Gays into the future.
Tina: The Tina Turner Musical
–– Stomach Turner.
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McCartney III / Paul McCartney –– Out of X.
Zoom In /
Ringo Starr –– Buffered aspirant.
/ Taylor Swift –– Nevermore.
Plastic Hearts
/ Miley Cyrus –– Synthcere.
/ Kylie Minogue –– Disco dreck.
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Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline –– Virtual signaling.
A Time For Mercy
by John Grisham –– So no more books?
Troubled Blood
by Robert Galbraith –– Strike’s sour note.
The Searcher by Tana French –– Lost and founders.
The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett –– Visibly slacken.


Saving Justice by James Comey –– Comey again?
Having and Being Had
by Eula Biss –– Had enough?
Bag Man
by Rachel Maddow –– Sink to Agnew depths.
Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man
by Emmanuel Acho –– Nothing to sneeze at.
No One Asked for This
by Cazzie David –– Cazzie rustle.

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Trump Tweets Alt-American HistoryThe Golem's VoiceNow What BooksGertrude et Alice

Silver Linings Plague Book

Global pandemic bumming you out? Quarantine cramping your style? Get our new ebook, a very funny guide to being upbeat about Lockdown and fearless about Reopening because infectious laughter is the best medicine. For more info. Order on Apple Books


Trump head with Loser written above.
Bad Adss: Tuck's Wipes

Even big-time cable TV news commentators like Tucker Carlson can suffer the embarrassment of annoying, unsightly discharge when they overuse their Fox hole. So move over lubricated catheters, there's a new medical marvel we'd love to sell you in Bad Adss.


Joe Biden turning back clock.Headbangers: Undo Pressure

Biden to sign a blizzard of executive orders that will reverse Trump’s policies
–– Were political equivalent of Nuclear Winter.
Iran Tweets Violent Threat Against Trump
–– Get in line. 01/22/21


Trump with tattoos.Inxart: His and Harris is the place for editors and art directors to download the best in political illustration. This week:
Harris Breaches Glass Ceiling, Erasing Trump, Whither the GOP?, Navalny: Putin's Thorn, Mickey Mouse Reponse & One, Two Impeach at inxart 01/20/21.


Policeman taking selfie with black suspect.What Not: The Missed of Time

The Bureau of Prevision, a division of the State Department's Office of Budget and Planning, had a pretty rough year. Charged with foretelling events in the Homeland and Abroad, the predictors unexpectedly failed to provide much-needed heads-upses. What Not


Donald Trump as Flame Duck.Kozmic Pictures: Flame Duck

Blame Duck is back and he's got matches! The Dangerously Daffy One is Delightfully Desperate as he wreaks revenge on DC with the help of his Demented Right-wingers. Enjoy the new adult animated series sponsored by Drakes. Kozmic Pictures Proudly Presents


Trump as Blame Duck.Deadlines: Barrby's Diary

The editors of Trump Beat, the tweener fan mag, have anonymously received the Secret Diary of Barrby, Donald Trump's most ardent admirer, and have decided to publish the following dishy excerpts. It begins: I just saw the most incredible Man on TV! More Deadlines


Gertrude Stein exits a taxi.Gert's Follies: Clap Trap

Gertrude and Alice descend into the Paris Metro after a ride with a notorious Taxi Driver only to be serenaded with a song about a social disease. But of course. Buy Tom Hachtman's Cult Comics Classic collection Gertrude et Alice. Gertrude's Follies


Cover of the book 2012 Doomsday Planner2020 Doomsday Planner?

What’s 8 years when we’re talking Apocalypse? Maybe the Maya miscalculated when they constructed their calendar which predicted the end of the world in 2012. This year is feeling like the real deal and the funniest End Times guide ever is still available. Order Today


E. Basil St. Blaise and Josef from the Critic's corner PodcastPodcast: Critic's Corner Ep. 13

In Unlucky Episode 13, E. Basil St. Blaise and Josef are stranded in Amnisia's backyard as they …sling the hash à la Animal House …find fault with Uncle Walt …spot 101 Dalmatians …melt down Frozen II …sharpen up Knives Out …suspend A Beautiful DayCritic's Corner Podcast


Stack of books on night tableNW Publishing: Travel Is Oxygen

We can help you turn your travel story or your favorite artwork into a published book from inital concept to finshed product on sale at Let us guide you through all the steps in-between from editing to layout and printing. Now What Publishing


Family Violence vignette by Igor KopelnitskyWhat Now: Igor Kopelnitsky

The cartoonist and illustrator Igor Kopelnitsky first published a drawing with the syndicated illustration service Inx in 1990 and for the next 23 years contributed an extraordinary run of deft and brilliant images. I first met him when … What Now