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The Gift of Grab

Holiday Music Box with Hoda Kotb, Mick Jagger, Peter Dinklage, Janis Joplin, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Joey Ramone, Scooby-Doo and Julie NewmarNeed to find that special anyone something hardly-unique this Holiday Season? The kind of gift that screams: 'Do you even know my name?' We've asked our Secret Santa of Sarcasm, E. Basil St. Blaise, to randomly reach into the glittery grab bag and review a selection of stocking stuffers in Books, Music and Video.

The Books are of the 'celebrity' variety, the Music of the 'classic' boxed sort, and the TV shows of the 'can't you get this on streaming?' ilk.

St. Blaise is in his mobile HQ mixing up his Rudolph Cocktail, consisting of two fingers of Glenfiddich (Gaelic for Valley of the Deer) Single Malt Scotch, 'rein' water, clove (as in hoof), and a shot of Jägermeister (German for Master Hunter) all stirred with an antler and finished with a maraschino cherry, guaranteed to match your red nose. He cheerfully offers, "I like to say this libation is pefect for Blitzen. It'll leave you in a thick fog ideal for finding a gift when you don't know what to get someone or why you're getting it."


Still Here: The Madcap, Nervy, Singular Life of Elaine Stritch by Alexandra Jacobs –– Stritch marks.
Life Isn’t Everything: Mike Nichols, as remembered by 150 of his closest friends by Ash Carter & Sam Kashner –– Plugged Nichols.
Dear Girls by Ali Wong –– All Wrong.
I Really Needed This Today by Hoda Kotb –– An unpleasant Hoda.
The Contender: The Story of Marlon Brando by William J. Mann –– Maudlin Brando.
It's Gary Shandling's Book by Judd Apatow –– Boastage and Shandling.
Blood: A Memoir by the Jonas Brothers by Them –– Chuck Jonas.
Acid for the Children by Flea –– Flea-bitten.
The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe by Angela Kelly –– Elizabeth ardor.
Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers by Maxwell King –– Rot said Fred.
Janis: Her Life and Music by Holly George-Warren –– Joplin misery.
Carrie Fisher: A Life on the Edge by Sheila Weller –– Oddly Fisher.


The Legendary Riverside Albums / Chet Baker –– Chet lag.
The Legendary Prestige Quintet Sessions / The Miles Davis Quintet –– Miles to go before you sleep.
40 Live Curaetion 25 + Anniversary / The Cure –– Sickening.
Let It Bleed Deluxe / The Rolling Stones –– Stanch and deliver.
The Later Years / Pink Floyd –– Null and Floyd.
It’s Alive / The Ramones –– Earthly Ramones.
Woodstock: Back to the Garden – 50th Anniversary Experience / Various –– Classic crock.
Look Now / Elvis Costello & the Imposters –– Habit and Costello.
Slip of the Tongue / Whitesnake –– Fork, get it?
Travelin' Thru, 1967 - 1969: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 15 / Bob Dylan –– Bob's buggers.

TV Boxed Sets

Game of Thrones: The Complete Series Collector’s Edition (HBO) –– Stark contrast.
Twin Peaks: From A to Z (Paramount) –– More like Eh? to Zzzzz.
The Haunting of Hill House (Netflix) –– Up the creaky.
Batman: The Complete Television Series (Warner Bros.) –– Bat caves.
Scooby-Doo Where Are You? The Complete Series (Warner Bros.) –– Scooby dubious.
The Big Bang: Complete Series (Warner Bros.) –– A tack of the nerds.
Gunsmoke: The Complete Nineteenth Season (Paramount) –– Marshal law.
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - The Complete Series (Mill Creek Ent) –– Kimmy shelter!
Veep: The Complete Series (HBO) –– Meyer lemon.
Suits: The Complete Series (Universal) –– Off the Markle.
Friends: The Complete Series (Warner Bros.) –– Powder roomies.

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