This hilarious makeover of the Mayan calendar by L.K. Peterson and Martin Kozlowski sends up end-of-the-world predictions and apocalyptic jitters, while serving as a fully-functional datebook planner.

Lavishly illustrated and chock-full of dubious historical notes, this book reinterprets ancient glyphs and gaffes in light of our modern world to illustrate just how prescient the Mayans might have been. Along the way it lampoons doomsayers from Nostradamus to Harold Camping and offers tips galore on how to survive until December 21, 2012...and beyond?

It's the final word on the end of everything and the last datebook you'll ever need.

Visit the 2012 Doomsday Planner pages for a preview of the book and more end times' antics and dire predictions.

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Paperback • 96 pages • Black & White or Full Color • 7"x10"

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