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A set of nine caricature portraits of Donald J. Trump all labeled ‘Loser’ to commemmorate his role as The Sure Loser in the 2020 presidential election.

Drawing by Tom Hachtman

Now What Collectibles, the respected name in Forgettable Commemorative Treasures, is proud to present the Collector's Platinum Edition of an extremely rare set of Ex-Presidential Portraits. The Sure Loser was
reated to mark the outcome of the historic 2020 Election and to celebrate the American ideals of Decency, Fairness, and Sportsmanship that contest so nobly embodied.

Lovingly crafted by Master Cartoonist Tom Hachtman, in more time than might seem strictly necessary, these hand-drawn images have been lovingly colorized employing an off-brand PhotoShop knockoff with all the skill of a Medieval miniaturist (some of whom were extremely short due to malnutrition and plague.) Then Now What Collectibles' fabled "Webineers", trained in the most prestigious Continuing Education Courses on both sides of the Pacific, exactingly mounted this masterpiece online in the finest pixels available. No expense was spared. None was requested.

So just click on the magnificent image above and you can own the full set of all nine one-of-a kind Portraits that Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss is sure someday to comment upon. It will be a cherished keepsake for you and your children’s children. Your children might be less excited.

Once you've recounted all the votes of your family and friends, we believe you will enthusiastically concede –– you've chosen the most fitting tribute ever.