Holiday Reviews 2016
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Fences –– Honor black man.
Live By Night –– Undernoirished.
Toni Erdmann –– Vater waste.
Paterson –– Bus kill.
20th Century Women –– Women’s glib.
Dr. Feelgood –– But you won’t.
The Bad Kids –– All for naughty.
The Autopsy of Jane Doe –– Anonymous content.

Why Him? –– Beau bitches.
Hidden Figures –– Black math.
Passengers –– Silly ride.
Silence –– Missionary imposition.
Sing –– Sink.
Assassin’s Creed –– Templar of doom.
Patriots Day –– Boston s’wrong.
A Monster Calls –– Collect.
I, Daniel Blake –– Tough Blake.
Julieta –– Of the spritz.
The Other Kind –– The kooky crumbles.
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story –– Rogue elephant.
Collateral Beauty –– Treacle matter.
Solace –– Cold comfort.
Neruda –– Pablom.
A Kind of Murder –– Hamicide.
The Hollow Point –– Bites the bullet.
The Dust Storm –– Blew grit.
The Wasted Times –– Slow bloat to China.
The Boatman –– Vulgar Boatman.
The Glass Circle –– Snorty bits.
La La Land –– Lard of the dance.
Office Christmas Party –– Secrete Santa.
Friend Request –– Don’t make me watch this.
The Brand New Testament –– Sucks dicta.
The Bounce Back –– Meat cute.
Frank & Lola –– Whatever. Lola wants.
Slash –– And burn.
Abattoir –– Butcher hollow.
Sugar Mountain –– Powder puff.
Beyond the Gates –– Playing for creeps.
All We Had –– Mother crusher.
Harry Benson: Shoot First –– Snap shat.
Jackie –– Ohhhhh
Things to Come –– Annul and void.
The Eyes of My Mother –– Cornier transplant.
Man Down –– Me, watching this.
Pet –– Peeves.
Incarnate –– Not fleshed out.
A Girl Like Grace –– Grace anatomy.
Keep Watching –– Make me.
SiREN –– Alarming.
Run the Tide –– Neap in the bud.
Anonymous –– Anon. starter.
Believe –– Christmas scam.
Best and Most Beautiful Things –– Sighed unseen.
A Winter Rose –– And fell.
Pocket Listing –– Pocket poo.
The Duelist –– The dullest.
Moana –– Lower.
Allied –– Farces.
Rules Don’t Apply –– It’s no Hughes.
Miss Sloane –– Sloane cratering.
Bad Santa 2–– Jolly old eff.
Lion –– Down on the job.
Evolution –– Sonny D-.
Kill Command –– Order out.
Always Shine –– Bestie-kept secrets.
Mifune: The Last Samurai –– Some awry.
Bobby Sands: 66 Days –– From hunger.
Old Stone –– On the shit lith.
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them –– Zoo dopier.
Manchester by the Sea –– Mass. hysteria.
Nocturnal Animals –– Nights and slow.
Bleed For This –– Idiot box.
The Take –– Away.
The Edge of Seventeen –– Teensy wincey.
Friend Request –– Don’t accept.
Life on the Line –– Grid lox.
I Am Not Madame Bovary –– Bovarian cyst.
Officer Downe –– And Oute.
Blood on the Mountain –– Coal day in Hell.
Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened –– Wearily, we roll along.
Notes on Blindness –– Blank stares.
Arrival –– Assault of the Earth.
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk –– Marches to a different dumb.
Elle –– Bent.
The Love Witch –– Spell chick.
Shut In –– Shut out.
Almost Christmas –– Carol alt.
USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage –– Sink hole.
The Monster –– Harmed to the teeth.
Operator –– Sugar coding.
Kiki, Love to Love –– Kiki: D.
National Bird –– Flip it.
My Life as a Zucchini –– Gourd is dead.
Lazy Eye –– Lacks vision.
The Anthropologist –– Anthro po’ amorphous.
Come and Find Me –– Seek joke.
Dreamland –– Nightmarish.
Disturbing the Peace –– Peace corpse.
Asperger’s Are Us –– Casts aspergions.
No Pay, Nudity –– Role in the mud.
Behind Bayonets and Barbed Wire –– Prisoner offenda.
Dr. Strange –– Mage in America.
Hacksaw Ridge –– Pacifist bump.
Trolls –– Sweet nothings.
Loving –– Awful to the races.
Dog Eat Dog –– Niche Cage.
Trash Fire –– Chuck lit.
Off the Rails –– Mash transit.
My Dead Boyfriend –– Date and buried.
Rainbow Time –– Arc tank.
Crd –– Crud.
Peter and the Farm –– A furrow review.
Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story –– Balls and Jack.
Inferno –– Damn Brown.
Oasis: Supersonic –– Null Gallagher.
Gimme Danger –– Pop eyed.
The Windmill –– Cold revolver.
New Life –– Wed rag.
Gehenna: Where Death Lives –– Hell’s kitschy.
By Sidney Lumet –– Sid viscous.
A Billion Lives –– It takes a drag.
Leaves of the Tree –– Leaf alone.
Portrait of a Garden –– Vegged out.
Recovery –– Get over it.
The Unspoken –– Should be unseen.
An Eye for an Eye –– Ready orb not.
Finding Babel –– Babel’s on.
Hostage to the Devil –– Dispiriting.
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back –– Never go.
Keeping Up With the Joneses –– Spies wrack.
American Pastoral –– The Roth of con.
Michael Moore in Trumpland –– Moore's the pity.
Creepy –– Crawly.
Ouija: Origin of Evil –– Bad and board.
Boo! A Madea Halloween –– Boo! boo.
I’m Not Ashamed –– You oughta be.
31 –– Rot Zombie.
Moonlight –– How low can you glow.
In a Valley of Violence –– Ravine lunatics.
The Handmaiden –– Serves no purpose.
The Whole Truth –– Knackered Truth.
King Cobra –– Sex shooters.
Fire at Sea –– Migrant headaches.
Before the Flood –– When dryish eyes are smiling.
Fear, Inc. –– Fright chicken.
We Are X –– Why see?
The Pickle Recipe –– Never a dill moment.
The Accountant –– Unbalanced.
Max Steel –– Mech doo.
Kevin Hart: What Now? –– Feint of Hart.
Desierto –– Follow the bleeder.
Godzilla Resurgence –– Resurge and destroy.
Certain Women –– Montana mild hack.
Christine –– On-air killing.
Priceless –– Doesn’t get much worth.
Aquarius –– Water pock.
Miss Hokusai –– Yucky owie.
Tower –– Texas toast.
Jack Goes Home –– Return male.
Little Sister –– Goth darn it.
Confessions of a Womanizer –– Horndork.
Maya Angelou and Still I Rise –– Urban Maya.
Shadow World –– Umbra alert.
Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang –– Ass takes to step.
Coming Through the Rye –– Catch as Catcher can.
The Girl on a Train –– Doesn’t track.
The Birth of a Nation –– Not Turner.
Phantasm: Ravager –– Mourning gory.
Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life –– Degrades 6 through 8.
Under the Shadow –– Slim shady.
13th –– Brothers ’n’ Law.
The Great Gilly Hopkins –– Foister care.
Blinky Bill the Movie –– Koala lumper.
The Greasy Strangler –– Loses its grip.
The Late Bloomer –– Drops the balls.
Blue Jay –– The ardor they fall.
The Red Pill –– Male order pride.
Spirit of the Game –– Missionary position players.
Homeland: Iraq Year Zero –– Clan o’ war.
Theo Who Lived –– Dead Syria’s.
The Lennon Report –– Beatle juiced.
The Alchemist Cookbook –– Leaden.
London Town –– Strum and Strummer.
Better Off Single –– Sly, stale, lone.
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children –– Gambolers anomalous.
Deepwater Horizon –– Rig-marole.
Masterminds –– Hairy plotter.
Maximum Ride –– Wing-dinged.
American Honey –– Wander lost.
Denial –– No-no seconds.
A Man Called Ove –– Ove and out.
Passage to Mars –– Martian band.
Harry & Snowman –– Old worn horse.
Do Not Resist –– Po-po boys.
Long Way North –– Freeze willy.
Laid in America –– Lay miserables.
Sand Storm –– Bedouin and bored.
Danny Says –– WC Fields.
The Hurt Business –– Pins hopes.
Milton’s Secret –– Milton badly.
Clinton, Inc. –– Hill’s treat blues.
Loserville –– The dork night.
The Apostate –– Don’t believe it.
Targeted: The Gun Control Agenda –– Aimless and antsy.
The Magnificent Seven –– Deviated septet.
The Dressmaker –– Sew-sew.
Storks –– Specious delivery.
Goat –– Frat bastards.
Queen of Katwe –– Squeaky Queen.
La Belle et La Bete –– Belle de snore.
Closet Monster –– Queer not gonna take it.
My Blind Brother –– Stinks on eyes.
Girl Asleep –– REM punch.
Chronic –– Inhospiceable.
The Lovers and the Despot –– Kimmy shit.
I.T. –– Tech a joke.
Honeytrap –– Bait and treacle.
Dirty 30
–– Meaty b-day, big and bouncy.
The Free World –– Prison bleak.
The Age of Shadows –– Killa Seoul.
Seed: The Untold Story
–– Shouldn't be seed.
Generation Startup
–– Silly con valley.
Chicken People –– Clucks.
Rats –– Neither here gnaw there.

Bridget Jones’s Baby –– Pram tough.
Snowden –– Snoop dog.
Blair Witch –– Familiar reframe.
The Beatles: Eight Days a Week –– Nowhere, man.
Mr. Church –– Murphy bad.
Hillsong - Let Hope Rise –– Christian slaughter.
Operation Avalanche –– Apollo crud.
The Good Neighbor –– The ghoul next door.
Tanna –– Pacific rim job.
Miss Stevens –– Nonstellar Stevens.
Command and Control –– Bomb burner.
Finding Altamira –– Cave panting.
Is That a Gun in Your Pocket? –– Screen shots.
The Devil’s Dolls –– Hot chicks.
Cardboard Boxer –– Dumpster vier.
Silicon Cowboys –– Sub Compaq.
Moments of Clarity –– Jamboring.
A Beautiful Now –– Rescue potty.
Who Gets the Dog –– A curfluffle.
Sully –– Silly.
When the Bough Breaks –– Surrogate caught.
The Wild Life –– Robinson crude so.
Other People –– Cancer, the crab.
London Road –– Lowest lane.
The Disappointments Room –– or The Movie Theatre.
One More Time With Feeling –– Bad sees.
Kicks –– Air disaster.
Demon –– Dybbuk stops here.
Author: The JT LeRoy Story –– Sham and cheese.
Dancer –– Spandex ballet.
Ithaca –– New York dulls.
Cameraperson –– Shutter stock.
Transpecos –– Migrant headache.
As I Open My Eyes –– After snoozing through this.
Brother Nature –– Hayseed pudding.
For the Love of Spock –– Spock plugs.
Come What May –– Marching bland.
Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War –– Sharps as attack.
Lola’s Last Letter –– Correspondence coarse.
Landfill Harmonic –– Pieces of garbage.
The Light Between Oceans –– Little orphan antsy.
Morgan –– Stalely.
Yoga Hosers –– Sausage potty.
The 9th Life of Louis Drax –– Dead in its Drax.
Skiptrace –– A rat trace.
White Girl –– Fembotch.
Solace –– Too gross for comfort.
Max Rose –– And fell.
Zoom –– Bah!
Antibirth –– High tetch.
No Manches Frida –– Frida laze.
Kickboxer: Vengeance –– Boot camp.
Summer of Eight –– Octoruin.
Hands of Stone –– Punch junk.
Don’t Breathe –– Inhale bop.
Mechanic: Resurrection –– Baloney on rise.
Southside With You –– Michelle launch.
In Order of Disappearance –– Getting offed easy.
The Hollars –– Butchered Hollar.
Mia Madre –– Maternal in stink.
Greater –– Grater.
The Sea of Trees –– Sap sucker.
The Intervention –– Divorced case scenario.
Complete Unknown –– Deserves to be.
I Am Not a Serial Killer –– Casualty assurance.
Kate Plays Christine –– Suicide squat.
Fatima –– Moroccan letter.
Natural Selection –– Class warfare.
Floyd Norman: An Animated Life –– Cel therapy.
Space Dogs: Adventure to the Moon –– Canis minor.
Uncle Kent 2 –– Clunk Kent.
Plank Face –– Board silly.
War Dogs –– More armed than good.
Ben-Hur –– Chariots of the clods.
Kubo and the Two Strings –– Rotten pluck.
Imperium –– Delirium.
Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World –– IT IT Ho!
Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV –– Final comedown.
Morris From America –– Morris rover.
A Tale of Love and Darkness –– Amiss Oz.
Ixcanul –– Nixcanul.
The People vs. Fritz Bauer –– Edgy Bauer.
Spaceman –– Bill Lee beaned.
Spa Night –– Duh Spa.
Billionaire Ransom –– Doesn't pay off.
Never –– Ever.
Florence Foster Jenkins –– Be flat.
Sausage Party –– Wurst ever.
Pete’s Dragon –– Dragon drop.
Hell or High Water –– Brothers outlaw.
Blood Father –– Hoot Gibson.
Anthropoid –– Rubout Czechs.
Collide –– Smash shit.
Disorder (Maryland) –– MD hammer.
My King –– Royal jelly.
Joshy –– Bachelor wretch party.
Operation Chromite –– MacArthur ash.
Ghost Team –– Team spirit.
The Lost Arcade –– Fool tilt.
Suicide Squad –– Baddie-bye.
Nine Lives –– Cats poor.
The Little Prince –– A’int-Exupéry.
Little Men –– Stunt casting.
Sun Choke –– Sunk joke.
Amateur Night –– Driving Miss dizzy.
The Mind’s Eye –– Brain sees ya’.
Apparition Hill –– Bump in the night.
Richard Linklater: Dream is Destiny –– Artless Linklater.
Five Nights in Maine –– Maine drag.
Neither Heaven Nor Hell –– Nah, Hell.
The Remains –– Not to be seen.
The Tenth Man –– Past perfect Tenth.
The Dwarvenaut –– Caught short.
Jason Bourne –– Bourne under a bad sign.
Bad Moms –– Hell raisers.
Nerve –– The Nerve!
Batman: The Killing Joke –– Bat blood.
Indignation –– Exactly what I’m feeling.
Into the Forest –– Tree's company.
Can We Take a Joke? –– And shove it.
Gleason –– Jerky Gleason.
Equity –– Don’t sweat Equity.
Monkey King: Hero Is Back –– China seize.
The Land –– Never, never Land.
Women He’s Undressed –– Snorey-Kelly.
Miss Sharon Jones –– Dap’s all, folks.
Hieronymus Bosch, Touched by the Devil –– PishBosch.
Lace Crater –– Lacey fare.
Assassins –– Kill brain cells.
Ants on a Shrimp –– Softcore prawn.
On Meditation –– OmG.
Shelley –– Shilly-Shelley.

Star Trek Beyond –– Redemption.
Ice Age: Collision Course –– Meteor circus.
Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie –– MILF shakes.
Lights Out –– Shot in the dark.
The Blackout Experiments –– Scared witless.
Don’t Look Twice –– Or once.
The Childhood of a Leader –– Leader hosin’.
Summertime –– Sweat large.
The Seventh Fire –– Minnesota fates.
Quitters –– Include me.
Train to Busan –– Busan pills.
Hooligan Sparrow –– Nesty bits.
Pink Zone –– Pink oy.
Beta Test –– Wish it was Beta.

Ghostbusters –– Icktoplasmic.
The Infiltrator –– Narc narc joke.
Café Society –– 30s rock!
Equals –– Zero.
Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party –– D’souzaphony.
Outlaws and Angels –– West of the rocky.
Undrafted –– Bench watch.
Phantom Boy –– Has transparents.
Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru –– Thank God.
Dirty –– Officer corrupt key.
Don’t Blink – Robert Frank –– Odd-Frank.
Lucha Mexico –– Wrestle mania.
Garnet’s Gold –– Scot’s on the rocks.
The Last Gold –– Medal fatigue.
The Secret Life of Pets –– All pets are off.
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates –– Buddy wretch.
Captain Fantastic –– Boss twee.
Cell –– Don’t buy.
Fathers and Daughters –– Chaos teary.
Our Little Sister –– Sibby cub.
Norman Lear: Just Another Version Of You –– Lear git.
Zero Days –– Stuxnet, schmucksnet.
Under the Sun –– Kim: me shit.
Men Go to Battle –– Sticks to the rebs.
How He Fell in Love –– Head over heel.
Sultan –– Insultin’.
The Debt –– And buried.
At the Fork –– Tine daily.
The Dog Lover –– Run-of-the-puppy-mill.



Best Picture Nominees:

The Big Short –– At a loss.
Bridge of Spies
–– Classified sad.
–– Ex-paddy.
Mad Max: Fury Road
–– Diesel zapper.
The Martian
–– Maroon jive.
The Revenant
–– Off the beaten trek.
–– Bah!
–– Fathers goose.
The BFG –– BFD.
The Legend of Tarzan –– Tree sap.
The Purge: Election Year –– : cleanse.
Our Kind of Traitor –– A snitch in time.
Marauders –– The bank dicks.
Microbe and Gasoline –– French guff.
Life, Animated –– Animated snorts.
Carnage Park –– Shoot-n-holler.
The Innocents –– Nun the worse.
Buddymoon –– Passed tents.
Satanic –– Deviled ham.
Roseanna for President! –– Barr humbug.
The Sector –– Zone doubt.
Independence Day: Resurgence –– Silly Fourth.
The Shallows –– Shark repellent.
Free State of Jones –– Chump chains.
Swiss Army Man –– Not the sharpest knife.
The Neon Demon –– Nicolas wingding Refn.
Wiener-Dog –– What’s up, dachs?
The Duel –– Shit faced.
Hunt for the Wilderpeople –– BeWildering.
Nuts! –– Sad sack.
Eat That Question –– Bug Zappa.
The Phenom –– Pitching whew.
Right Now, Wrong Then –– Still wrong.
Breaking a Monster –– Band snore.
River –– Mekong dealt uhh.
Les Cowboys –– Buckaroo-la-la.
Misconception –– Pop. the question.
T-Rex –– Boxy lady.
Septembers of Shiraz –– Shi-razz.
Yarn –– Knitpicking.
From This Day Forward –– Mom and Pop.
Finding Dory –– Blue tang clan.
Central Intelligence –– Special Oops!
Clown –– Classless Clown.
Tickled –– Punk.
The Keeper of Lost Causes –– The Dane curse.
Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film –– Chary Indiana.
No Stranger Than Love –– Stranger thin fiction.
My Love, Don’t Cross That River –– Grizzly pair.
Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story) –– Like a ton of pricks.
The Absent One –– That would be me.
Seoul Searching –– InconSeoulable.
Range 15 –– Consumer dead.
Land and Shade –– A damn Shade.
The Last King –– Ground rule.
Argentina –– Lard of the dance.
Cosmos –– Zulawski? Z’lousy.
Warcraft –– Orcward.
Now You See Me 2 –– Tricky dick.
The Conjuring 2 –– Little big haunt.
Last Cab to Darwin –– Fare enough.
Genius –– ‘Genius’.
Blackway –– Back away.
King Jack –– Jack King off.
De Palma –– Life of Brian.
Another –– No thanks.
Puerto Ricans In Paris –– PR disaster.
Diary of a Chambermaid –– A scrub.
The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma –– Cello shots.
Therapy for a Vampire –– Blood analysis.
Germans & Jews –– Mix like oy and water.
True Love Ways –– Love sick.
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping –– Pop warner.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows –– What fresh shell is this?
Me Before You –– Pre nut.
USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage –– Shit too sure.
Careful What You Wish For –– Though it wasn't this.
Approaching the Unknown –– Meet the apparents.
The President –– Executive odor.
The Fits –– Of fury.
The Wailing –– Bull and howl.
Urge –– PUrge.
Out of Print –– Poster notes.
Art Bastard –– Grosz on you.
The God Cells –– Fetal-dee-dumb.
X-Men: Apocalypse –– Apocalypse yoww!
Alice Through the Looking Glass –– Alice be jokeless.
The Ones Below –– Bottoms sup.
Australia’s Lost Gold –– Gold rash.
Chevalier –– Morose Chevalier.
Holy Hell –– Cult turkey.
Idol –– Chatter.
Presenting Princess Shaw –– Shaw, enough!
Unlocking the Cage –– Let the chimps fall where they may.
As I AM: The Life and Times of DJ AM –– AM tracks.
The Romans –– Julius seesaw.
The Taming of the Shrew –– Kate hushin’.
The Angry Birds Movie –– Beak deal.
The Nice Guys –– Finish last.
Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising –– Weak sisters.
Maggie’s Plan –– Baby gap.
The Measure of a Man –– The working dead.
Weiner –– Dog.
Margarita With A Straw –– Insipid.
Manhattan Night –– Bar tabs.
Ma Ma –– Crass.
Almost Holy –– Unnecessary.
Welcome to Happiness –– Hello giddy.
Hard Sell –– Windfall profits lax.
Back in the Day –– Back in blecch.
Harmony –– Future looks blight.
Money Monster –– Capital crime.
Love & Friendship –– Trashery bonds.
The Lobster –– Clawstrophobic.
High-Rise –– Tower wreckers.
The Darkness –– Nicked at night.
Last Days in the Desert –– Jesus freaks.
The Trust –– Is broken.
Sunset Song –– Scot’s turf builder.
Search Party –– Finders feeble.
I Am Wrath –– The choler purple.
Pelé: Birth of a Legend –– Shit kicker.
The Curse of Sleeping Beauty –– Let Sleeping dog lie.
Kill Zone 2 –– Slaying odds.
AmeriGeddon –– Grid schlock.
Under the Gun –– Shooting scars.
Queen Mimi –– Poor little Mimi.
A Monster with a Thousand Heads –– Obummercare.
Divine Access –– Deny Access.
The Asian Connection –– Fock of Seagal’s.
Captain America: Civil War –– Bust a Cap.
A Bigger Splash –– In the toilet.
Dark Horse –– The dork knight.
Being Charlie –– Charlie callous.
Bite –– Just add an S.
Dheepan –– Why’d?
Elstree 1976 –– Co-star wars.
Mothers and Daughters –– Poor relations.
Belladonna of Sadness –– Comedy of Eros.
Love Thy Nature –– Crawl of Nature.
Those People –– Pianist sighs.
Bridgend –– Wales of a tale.
How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town –– Grope for the best.
Behind the White Glasses –– Leaner Wertmüller.
Rabin In His Own Words –– Rabin counters.
The Offering –– Brunt Offering.
A Light Beneath Their Feet –– Along aisle as they leave theatre.
Beautiful Something –– Ugly nothing.
The Idol –– Gaza forbid.
Keanu –– Heaves.
Mother’s Day –– Yo-yo mas.
The Man Who Knew Infinity –– The endless bummer.
Term Life –– Insure shot.
The Family Fang –– Toothless.
Dough –– Nobody kneads.
Viva –– Lost vagueness.
Papa: Hemingway in Cuba –– Papa squat.
A Beautiful Planet –– Sum of the earth.
Gayby Baby –– Ma/Ma black sheep.
Viktoria –– Navel-glazing.
Older Than Ireland –– Eire oops.
The Wait –– Is over.
Eva Hesse –– Her moan Hesse.
The Huntsman: Winter’s War –– Axe bloody spray.
Elvis & Nixon –– The King and Aiee!
The Meddler –– Beat Meddler.
A Hologram for the King –– Virtually unwatchable.
Tale of Tales –– Chases tale.
Compadres –– Friends in need.
Men & Chicken –– And in chicken.
Nina –– Simple Simone.
Hockney –– Hackneyed.
Precious Cargo –– Stow away.
Queen Mimi –– Seamy Mimi.
Sworn Virgin –– Vow-vow-voom.
How to Let Go of the World and Love All The Things Climate Can’t Change –– Green cheese.
In Harmony –– Sync hole.
The Jungle Book –– Mowgli dick.
Criminal –– Smalltime.
Barbershop: The Next Cut –– Shaving points.
Green Room –– Nazi eye to eye.
Sing Street –– Lack of the Irish.
Colonia –– Chile con corny.
The Adderall Diaries –– A tension deficit.
Rio, I Love You –– Brazilian whacks off.
Sky –– Blue velveeta.
The First Monday in May –– Mayday! Mayday!
Hostile Border –– Needs trimming.
The Measure of a Man –– Lay off.
13 Cameras –– Shotty.
Our Last Tango –– Tango and crash.
Above and Below –– Middling.

The Boss –– You go, Boss.
Hardcore Henry –– Hardcore pawn.
Demolition –– Twerpy.
The Invitation –– To the dunce.
Mr. Right –– Match dumcom.
Louder Than Bombs –– But bombs.
One More Time –– If you’re bad.
Neon Bull –– Hornswoggle.
High Strung –– Should be strung high.
Memoria –– Don’t forgive and forget.
Havana Motor Club –– Manuel transmission.
Look At Us Now, Mother –– A pecking daughter.
30 Days With My Brother –– A month of son days.
The Dying of the Light –– Dusk mite.
The Dead Room –– Psychic babble.
Mad Tiger –– Cat scant.

Everybody Wants Some!! –– Not everybody.
God’s Not Dead 2 –– Just pretending during this.
Meet the Blacks –– Afro punk.
Miles Ahead –– Shammy Davis.
Kill Your Friends –– Murder ick.
Natural Born Pranksters –– Clown collage.
The Dark Horse –– Chess pain.
Pandemic –– Sickening.
Thank You For Playing –– Hasn’t game.
Next Time I’ll Aim for the Heart –– Instead of the groin.
No Home Movie –– As boring as one.
Francofonia –– Phonier.
Sold –– I’m not.
The Girl in the Photographs –– Snapshat.
Kill Me, Deadly –– Dick cluck.
Closet Monster –– Out and out there.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice –– From Bat to versus.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 –– Fetid cheese.
I Saw the Light –– Angst Williams.
Get a Job –– Fool employment.
Born to Be Blue –– Chet braker.
Mia Madre –– Mother’s nature.
Baskin –– Robbings.
Valley of Love –– Hell and dale.
Seve The Movie –– A matter of course.
Fastball –– Strikes a sour note.
They’re Watching –– Not in this theater.
The Disappointments Room ––Wherever this plays.
Identical –– T’ wince.
The Divergent Series: Allegiant –– Allegiant airs disease.
The Program –– Lance end.
The Bronze –– Medalhead.
Midnight Special –– On the runt.
Krisha –– Hairy Krisha.
The Preppie Connection –– Crime of pushin’.
My Golden Days –– Memory lame.
Too Late –– Seeker virus.
The Confirmation –– Yes, it sucks.
Take Me to the River –– A soaker is born every minute.
The Brainwashing of My Dad –– A scrub.
Miracles From Heaven –– Blessed from the pest.
The Brothers Grimsby –– The elephant 'n' the womb.
10 Cloverfield Lane –– Cellar dweller.
The Lobster –– Will do in a pinch.
The Young Messiah –– Goo Goo God God.
Hello, My Name Is Doris –– Doris doi!
The Perfect Match –– Strike it.
Barney Thomson –– Barmy Thomson.
Eye in the Sky –– Turd eye blind.
Hyena Road –– A ha-ha-highway.
Certain Women –– Shes whiz!
The Perfect Match –– Two x loser.
Creative Control –– Virtual banality.
City of Gold –– Ill Dorado.
Lolo –– Low.
Boom Bust Boom –– The middle one.
Marguerite –– Screecher of habit.
The Automatic Hate –– That was easy.
Me Him Her –– Three days of the condom.
Backgammon –– Rolls in the mud.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot –– Kabuldygook.
London Has Fallen –- Collapse in judgment.
Zootopia –– Animal crappers.
Knight of Cups –– Tarotdiddle.
Desierto –– Arid. Roll on.
The Other Side of the Door –– Knob hell.
The Wave –– Crestfallen.
Cemetery of Splendor –- Boneyard animals.
The Boy and the Beast –– Bears watching.
Emelie –– Blunt.
Mekong Hotel –– Nam is mud.
They Will Have to Kill Us First –– High on Mali.
Road Games –– Shoulder pain.
Camino –– Real bad.
Colliding Dreams –– Social Zionists.
The Waiting Room –– Dumb waiter.
Ava’s Possessions –– Ava pardner.
Gods of Egypt –– Horus’ ass.
Triple 9 –– A heisty retreat.
Eddie the Eagle –– Ski doo.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny –– Kicks and giggles.
Only Yesterday –– Takahata airbag.
Tricked –– See gulls.
Backtrack –– Retread.
A Country Called Home –– Tex support.
Marguerite & Julien –– Brotherfucker.
The Last Man on the Moon –– Apollo creed.
King Georges –– Gorge us, Georges.
Like for Likes –– Like hell.
The Teller and the Truth –– Missing inaction.
A Strange Course of Events –– Haifa active.
Risen –– Easter bummy.
The Witch –– Spells disaster.
Race –– Dark meet.
Embrace of the Serpent –– Uncoiled for.
Forsaken –– Lone deranger.
The Great Gilly Hopkins –– Brat worst.
Neerja –– Hypejack.
Rolling Papers –– Keeps a spliff upper lip.
Busco Novio Para Mi Mujer –– Kissy faze.
We Are Twisted F•••ing Sister! –– Grade D Snider.
Snowtime! –– Flakes out.

Deadpool –– Dead poo.
Zoolander 2 –– Pose and cons.
How to Be Single –– Dated.
Glassland –– Irish weep stakes.
Remember –– To forget.
A War –– Martial matters.
Touched With Fire –– Dud poets’ society.
Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong –– Slow bloat to China.
Bad Hurt –– Wise achers.
The Final Project –– Last crawl.
Providence –– Fate into insignificance.
Of Mind and Music –– Brain check.
Standoff –– ish.

Hail, Caesar! –– Caesar squalid.
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies –– Austen shitty limits.
The Choice –– Opt out.
Rams –– Rams stuff.
Dad’s Army –– Military rank.
Regression –– Low-yield return.
Southbound –– Straight to Hell.
The Club –– Fathers and sins.
Misconduct –– Dr. sues.
Tumbledown –– Unsound of music.
All Roads Lead to Rome –– Via not amused.
4th Man Out –– Gay goose.
The Pack –– Dog ciao.
A Melody to Remember –– Hum dingier.
Kung Fu Panda 3 –– Pander bare.
The Finest Hours –– Not these 2.
Jane Got a Gun –– Jane d’oh!
Fifty Shades of Black –– Massachistic.
Everybody’s Fine –– OKStupid.
El Clan –– Clan of corn.
Greater –– Shoulda been.
Lazer Team –– Laze. Err.
Mountain Men
–– Hill of beings.
Rabin, the Last Day –– Yitzhakademic.
Portrait of a Serial Monogamist –– Faithfully snores.
Dirty Grandpa –– Old blue oys.
The 5th Wave –– Wave bye-bye.
The Boy –– I kid, you not.
Ip Man 3 –– Ip pain.
Mojave –– Just deserts.
Synchronicity –– Jibe turkey.
Terminus –– At wit’s end.
Exposed –– Put it away.
Monster Hunt –– Brute awakening.
Aferim! –– Slave labor.
Prescription Thugs –– Dirt pharma.
Monkey Up –– Ape is enough.
Martyrs –– Sacrificial hams.
Eternity: The Movie –– Endless shrimp.
Ride Along 2 –– Doomed patrol.
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi –– Bent, gassy.
Norm of the North –– Polar ass cap.
The Benefactor –– Give back.
400 Days –– Space doubt.
A Perfect Day –– From bad to wars.
Band of Robbers –– Robbers barren.
Moonwalkers –– Craters.
Intruders –– D’oh trespassing.
Eisenstein In Guanajuato –– Mex Marx the spot.
In the Shadow of Women –– Amourphous.
Detective Chinatown –– Angry Thai raid.
The Forest –– Forest tuckers.
Lamb –– Kabomb.
Sherlock: The Abominable Bride –– Er, shlock.
Diablo –– Hell no!
The Masked Saint –– Rassle dazzle.
Anesthesia –– Put out.
Trust Fund -– Put away.
Cherry Tree –– Leaf off.
The Abandoned –– Leave it alone.
The Treasure –– Razz bury.
Sweaty Betty –– Betty boob.
Anger of the Dead –– S’tiffs.
Seahorses –– Hip o’ campus.

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